Strategic Advisors, Mentors, Mentees & Colleagues: Defined Your Inner Success Circle For Ultimate High Performance

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Do you want to accelerate your success and multiply your impact through an organized structure of relationships?

Then you’ll want to read this article.

Research is clear, that relationships have the biggest impact on your health and performance.

So how can we structure our relationships to help us actualize our God-given potential?

One of my clients has become a close friend and mentor of mine.

He’s one of the most humble guys I know, leads an amazing team and manages a division that oversees billions of dollars worth of assets. For the purposes of this article, lets call him “James”.

From the advice he gave me, the goal of this article is to help you have the same high performance breakthrough in your social circles that will help you multiply your income, impact and clarity, like it has mine.

He invited me to go to a “stellar bodies” workout with him at 5:30am one morning. This is a pilates type workout that is not for the faint of heart.

I typically alternate between functional training, resistance training, interval training and yoga throughout the week, but this quite a treat!

So after I ripped my body to shreds, I went out to breakfast with him afterwards and he started asking me about my business

I told him all the success I’ve been having, and how I’ve been working with more and more successful entrepreneurs around the world to transform their health and multiply their performance and productivity.

He asked me what my future vision was and I told him.

You see, my vision is big! I want affect change in 100’s of millions of people through transforming the lives of entrepreneurs, executives and other influential individuals around the world!

Right now, my business consists of:

  1.  Virtual High Performance Consulting - This is where I work one on one with people through a customized high performance plan specific to what’s going on in their body and life. We get these analytics through advanced functional health tests and a high performance health history.
  2. High Performance Seminars - To date, I’ve been presenting at other peoples events around the world, BUT this year it’s about to change when I launch my very own high performance event in Florida this spring (stay tun!).
  3. High Performance Luxury Health Retreats - I’ve done these in the most exotic locations around the world. The picture below is of me in Asia, when I took many of my executive and entrepreneur clients from Tokyo to Sri Lanka 2 months ago. It was a ball!



My future vision is to run more of my own seminars and to OWN the most cutting edge High Performance resorts in exotic locations around the world. These resorts will be specifically for people that want access to the most advanced healing technologies, organic food, rejuvenating experiences and high performance education. My vision is to have you come for 3-7 days and leave feeling like you’ve got a new body and downloaded new programs for high performance and ultimate productivity.

Because my vision is so big, and will require a lot of capital, my question has been, “How can I actually accomplish my vision?”

James says to me, “Isaac who do you have a strategic advisor?”
I gulped and replied, “I’ve got coaches, and mentors, like yourself, but I don’t have a strategic advisor…”

Strategic Advisors, Mentors, Mentees and Colleagues Defined

The most successful people in the world, from spiritual leaders like Jesus to leading entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, have had strategic advisors, mentors, mentees and colleagues helping them multiply their impact.

Jesus said, “my law is love and my justice is peace…”, but if the dude didn’t have his mentees Peter and Paul to get the message out, then how big would his impact be?

In the conversation, James helped me define how each person will help you get to the next level of high performance:

  1. Strategic Advisor - Someone that has been where you want to be, that can guide you along a structured path to success and help you avoid pitfalls. There advice is specific to one area of your life such as business or finance.
  2. Mentors - Someone that can give you general advice on the direction you need to head in several areas of your life. I’ve joined coaching programs that give great direction and advice, but you have to do most of the work to figure out how it will fit into your business. For instance, James said, “find a Strategic Advisor for your business,” so I had to go out and find someone that would suite my business.
  3. Colleagues - These are people that are fellow entrepreneurs, executives or business professionals on the same journey of life with you.
  4. Mentees - These are people that you seek out to pour your knowledge and wisdom into so you can “pay it forward”. These people may exist in your business or outside of your business.

One of the reasons why James is so holistically successful, is because he has a mentor or strategic advisor in almost every area of his life. He has the amazing Dr. Jones (me) 😉 for high performance and health, he’s got a coach for his relationship with his wife and so on and so forth.

At the end of our meeting he said, “the one action step that I want you to take is to find a Strategic Advisor.”

I found two!

Finding A Strategic Advisor That Will 10X Your Business and Life

So this was a tough challenge for me because I didn’t know exactly who I should reach out to.

The first person just landed on my lap a couple days after my conversation with James. Isn’t that interesting how that happens?

I’m going to be doing more and more seminars, and this individual has built an 8 figure seminar, book and expert business on his own! He’s actually my business partner in Asia but because of his massive success, I knew he’d be a great fit for my business. His name is Akira Iguchi,and runs He’s one of the most brilliant business owners and marketers that I know.

The calls I’ve had with him have already helped me take action on how I can build my brand and seminar business this year. Hence, why I want you to be looking out for the High Performance Seminar I’m going to be inviting you to this spring! I’m so excited about this!

I felt like I needed a strategic advisor for another other aspect of my business and vision as well. Luckily I am part of a private entrepreneurial network around the world where I can ask questions and get killer answers.

Here was my question in the group:

Screen Shot 2022-01-23 at 8.53.48 AMThe responses I received were incredible!

A guy who has built $100 million dollar, and billion dollar businesses was recommended to me. Very cool. I will most likely be able to reveal his name in a future post.

So I had my first call with him this week and let me tell you… like the call with Akira, it was incredible and uncomfortable at the same time!

What Happens To Your Brain When You Connect With The Right Strategic Advisor

Both of my strategic advisors asked a lot of questions that I wouldn’t have thought to ask, and gave me direction that I didn’t realize I needed to go. In fact, many of the things that you think are great within your business or life, your strategic advisor will most likely point out needs more work.

You have to remember that they’ve been where you want to be, and their level of thinking is beyond where yours is.

Here are some major takeaways that you should look at getting from your strategic advisor:

  1. Your Brain Expands -  I saw how I could accomplish my long-term vision more clearly and quickly.
  2. You Feel Uncomfortable - Both calls challenged my current model of thinking, which made me feel uncomfortable and a little insecure. Insure in that, “If I try A, what if it causes XY and Z?” This is part of any healthy growth experience. Plus, I don’t know of any successful high performing entrepreneur or executive that hasn’t taken some risk in thinking and action to achieve great success.
  3. You Start Asking Better Questions -  I immediately started asking questions like, “what if I could own my own multi-million dollar luxury health retreat center by X date by implementing the strategy he suggests? How could I actually accomplish this?”
  4. New Strategies Arise - The new strategies that you create often accelerate your progress!

From my calls with these two advisors, I have created a few, focused action steps that I’ve started working on immediately. I studied both of notes that I took in my calls with them for over an hour. In fact, I couldn’t stop thinking about the future. I was so excited that I woke up at 2:00am in the morning with my heart racing thinking about how my vision is truly going to come into fruition faster than I could ever imagine.

None of this would be possible without finding the people that I have.

Call To Action: Find Your Strategic Advisor, Mentor, Mentee and Colleagues

My entrepreneurial mastermind groups that I’m a part of are full of colleagues. I just hired an extremely talented doctor named Dr. Matt Accurso who will be my mentee. You will also be getting cutting edge high performance articles from him in the near future. I have people like James in my life that I would consider friends and mentors. And now I have  strategic advisors such as Akira Iguchi from and an individual who I need to keep private.

Again, I will give you updates on how my progress through Superhuman Entrepreneur.

Just having mentors, mentee’s and awesome entrepreneurial colleagues have helped me get to certain level of success. I can’t imagine what God’s got in store for me this year after “dropping it like it’s hot” with these new Strategic Advisors in my life.

What’s awesome about my Strategic Advisors is that they are both extremely successful Asians! 🙂 I love all people (clearly as I married an African American Women), but Asians do rock!

So here is my challenge to you - find a mentor or strategic advisor:

  1. Reach Out! - Call someone you respect and/or email or post to an individual or group asking for their recommendations. Use a similar formate to what I used in my facebook post above if you would like.
  2. Get Them On Your Calendar - Get them on your calendar as soon as possible.
  3. Take Action! - You will see the action I take on what my strategic advisors have recommended. You’ve gotta get past the feeling of discomfort and move boldly towards multiplying the impact you have in your future!

I’m excited for you.

Let me know your thoughts and experiences that you’ve had in the past with coaches, mentors and strategic advisors. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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