Overcoming Challenges with Jay Feldman

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We have a special guest today, Jay Feldman, a man en route to becoming something big. Combining the final stages of medical school with running a business, he has a lot to teach us about managing our time. Listen in as we hear how Jay in the face of atrocity, managed to find the strength and get back on the right track.

Overcoming Challenges

Your personality and business self is shaped by many things, especially the horrible or challenging stuff that has happened. Those can really rock hard, but are also the valuable experience resources you can incorporate and gain control of. Jay’s prison time and his parent’s divorce only served to work even harder towards his goal.

Hold Yourself Accountable

A driven man, Jay is not a down-to-schedule type of guy. Yet, admittedly, you have to become one at least in part to keep all the projects afloat. Still, more important than sticking to schedule is sticking to your word. If you said you’ll do something, you better do it, or else hold yourself accountable. No apps will help you here, donating a failure dollar is hopeless, the accountability thing has to come from your deep inside.

Clear Your Head

Success is not directly measurable by the amount of hard work we put in, but by how efficient we are. One thing Jay learned, he shares, is that for high productivity you need an outlet, an activity that will help you chase off the bad clouds from your brain. It’s gym for him, lifting the ever greater weights to clear his head and mark progress, both physical and mental. His other head-clearing activities include stretching, juice in the morning, volleyball, and travelling.

Yes, There’s Time
And it’s not true that you don’t have time for this stuff. A medical final year student, a CEO, Jay still do it all by parceling out the time wasted here, rising up 30 minutes earlier there. So yes, there’s always time.

Final Pieces of Advice

Don’t delay things. There’s no perfect starting point towards your goal. Ask yourself what’s the first move towards it and just do it.

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