Dani Solorio: How Being One with Nature Helps Your Business

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Our guest for today is Dani Solorio, founder and CEO of the remarkable Compton Health Bar. Running her unusual, yet highly impactful business, Dani opens up on the nature of diet and healing itself.

Diet is not just another thing on out to-do lists. Whatever we eat, it becomes a part of us. As an activity, it has the potential to either build or break the anxiety cycle. With this idea in mind, Dani created an oasis of stress-free diet haven, the Compton Health Bar, where people can come, relax, eat healthy, and get much needed advice on their nutrition.

It’s Simple

Dani makes nutrition refreshingly simple. Going to doctor or a nutritionist creates a sort of a compulsory treatment or diet plan. At the bar however, all they do is talk. Conversation is the most powerful tool to reach people. Make them open up to ideas they themselves know of, but never had the encouragement to follow. Simple conversation, simple advice, is all we often need, but sorely lack.

Health Comes from Within

Healing knows no doctors. Treatment does, but healing is something that comes from within. To start with, the fatal flaw of humans is that we consider ourselves disjointed from nature, a separate entity. Rather than separate, we are part of it, fully invested in its healing and deteriorating cycle and laws. Reconnecting with nature is the precondition to any healthy life. Dani suggests to start with the basics, eating more greens for instance.

The trick is to learn the most natural thing in the world - teach your body heal itself. So very different than state healthcare system; so very similar to treating the cause rather than a wound.

Nature of Business

Dani’s natural health efforts have a lot to teach us about the nature of business itself. Her unusual bar is situated in Compton, a most unlikely of places for such a place. It is hard to see where income is coming from yet she manages to run a successful business in a difficult place, and help a bunch of folks. ‘Heart and mind in it’ is Dani’s business philosophy. Heart and mind.

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