Lead the Life of Joy with Stephanie Quayle

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Our next superhuman guest hardly needs an introduction. She is Stephanie Quayle, the nation’s top country music voice who has recently had the honor to sing in front of the five living presidents. Reflecting on life and career, Stephanie generously passes a few pearls of acquired wisdom.

Find Your Source

To navigate the landscape of life and business it is important to have a ground, a base out of which to operate. For Stephanie it is health. She is, admittedly, freakishly on point about her nutrition and exercise. It’s what helps her stay on top of her game, regardless of what life brings next.

Receive it Well

Speaking of which, life, especially for someone as out there as Stephanie, throws sticks and stones at you from every direction. It is how we react to them that counts. Stress is the number one cause of anxiety and illness, and the best way to eradicate it is not let it affect in the first place. Weigh your reactions right, Stephanie submits, for a more stress-free time on this Earth.
It’s connected to a wider philosophy of life. We can’t control the input of info, positive or negative, but we sure can decide how to receive it.

Protect Yourself

We always hear about happiness, but rarely praise joy. For Stephanie, happiness exists in relation to joy. While happiness is free-flowing, shifting, external term, joy is the internal, sustained happiness that doesn’t rely on current emotional states. If nurtured, guarded, joy is an ever-present, your very own no-matter-what feeling of happiness.

So protect it, let joy be the source of your being. Challenge it too, surrounding yourself with people from different backgrounds and of different profiles. But, minding your reactions, make sure that joy prevails.

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