Reshuffle Your Money Mindset with Garret Gunderson

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Today’s guest is Garret, a true game changer in the realm of money management. CEO of highly successful Wealth Factory and a recurring NY Times bestseller author, he lets us in on how to wield money putting an emphasis on providing value.

The Money Game

We’ve heard this many times, it takes money to make it. Garret, a money savant that he is, strongly disagrees with the overused piece of stale wisdom. Way more important than money itself is the value you give and receive, just as the right mindset is the necessary prerequisite to all money making endeavors.
The utility of sacrificing is another piece of pseudo-business conjecture that is the part of a budget-minded mindset. Living within your means shouldn’t mean stringency but expanding those means. You do that by reaching out to people and provide/receive value from them. With money, as in all life, you play to win, and not to avoid loss.

Having the Right Mindset

Generations of stringent saving have taught us the benefits of hoarding money. Yet, living a miserly life with dollars in bank isn’t anyone’s definition of life worth living. Money for money’s sake isn’t a game anyone can win, except for the banks, that is. Money is always best used in fluctuation, if you let it exchange hands as a result of value production.

Scarcity Factor

Money in hands, you need to let go of it through smart value-induced activities. But what if the time of scarcity befall you? What’s the right mindset in time of need? First off, scarcity acts as a survivor mechanism catalyst. Instead of sulking in your sorrow, scarcity ought to make you take responsibility and fairly acknowledge your situation. Once there, it’s easier to come up with value you can offer to someone from your network. Likewise, don’t be too high-brow proud not to, say, ask a mentor for help.

Because money problem is never about the money, it’s always the people. Lack of funds is only the symptoms pointing to a larger issue, either the lack in mental or in relation capital.

Protecting the Mindset

We are who we hang out with. Cutting cords with people who affect us negatively is among the most difficult things to pull off. But also the necessary, Garret agrees. To operate in social sphere with success, he categorizes people into friends, buddies, and friendlies, the latter deserving of no more than a polite word exchange without any further attachments.

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