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At Superhuman Entrepreneur, we have a mission to push entrepreneurs and business executives to reach the peaks of their personal and professional performance. Having years of experience consulting for some of the world’s most influential entrepreneurial leaders, we understand the entrepreneurial spirit and what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur; the risk-taking, organization, energy and tireless hard work.

As a leading entrepreneur who runs three businesses himself Dr. Jones and Dr. Accurso have been featured in numerous media appearances and public events to share their proven guidance excavated from years of experience in maximizing health and high performance for CEOs and leading entrepreneurs around the world. Currently Dr Jones holds luxury health retreats and seminars across Asia, Europe and North America to help people incorporate his cutting edge solutions to boost energy, skyrocket productivity, reverse disease and help you live your best life.

Dr. Jones passion for changing the way we look at health care has helped guide countless entrepreneurs to not only improve their health but also grow their business.

Through Superhuman Entrepreneur you can learn cutting edge strategies and techniques to help:

  • Skyrocket productivity and learn strategies that will enable you to adopt habits of successful people

  • Optimize brain function so that you can do more in less time

  • Prevent or reverse disease through advanced cellular detoxification techniques

  • Rapidly get into “the zone” or flow state through advanced neuroscience-proven solutions

  • Learn invaluable diet and lifestyle tips and mind and body hacks to improve your performance and massively boost your energy levels

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For more information on working with Dr. Jones & the rest of the Designer Health Centers team, get in touch with usand ramp up to high-performance today!

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