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On today’s show we have cleansing and nutrition specialist Elissa Goodman and her story on battling with cancer at an early age and conquering it through a specific diet but then losing her husband too soon also to cancer. She has the expertise and first hand experience that goes along with the saying “You are what you eat”.

Your thoughts are extremely powerful - they can affect you and your health negatively or positively. You get to choose. After Elissa lost her husband to cancer, she went back to school not set out to become a nutritionist but to save her family - to learn about PTSD and trauma and the various things that can alter not just our emotional and mental health but our physical health.

Inside Out Mentality

Often changing our outlook on life or mindset about certain topics is a lot harder than taking a handful of supplements or juicing daily but is so vital to your success and overall health as an entrepreneur.

Optimize your immune system

Juice on a regular basis fresh organic vegetables only at home and drink immediately. Leaving fruit out also means you are leaving sugars out of your juice.

Simple juicing option: 

  • Celery - detoxes the liver + calms down the brain
  • Cucumber - detoxes the kidneys
  • Lemon - helps alkaline and detox the intestines
  • Ginger - anti-inflammatory
  • Parsley - great for cleansing heavy metals

*option to rotate the greens with dandelion greens or arugula/romaine/spinach/kale etc

Juices are like a liquid IV of vitamins and mineral which CLEANSE YOUR BLOOD

Stress really creates havoc with our gut (and its micro-biome)

Your gut is really crucial for your immunity and the ability to break your food down so it gets into your cellular level. Hence why juicing is so great as it goes directly into your bloodstream bypassing the process of your gut breaking down the food for you to gain the nutrients.

Elissa also recommends the following to help boost and build your immunity system:

  • Eidon Zinc Liquid concentrate for immunity and protects your organs
  • SEED - probiotic just released
  • Sleep is so crucial for your overall health immunity along with staying hydrated.

Toxicity in the Body

Heavy metals, pesticides (your produce),viruses (mono, canker sores, herpes etc) can lay dormant in the organs with other toxins and when we become stressed, ill or our immune system is compromised.

Eating vegetables at every meal is really crucial and still incorporating fruit into your diet like berries which are antioxidants and will help lower inflammation. Burdock root and dandelion greens are great to help detoxing the gut and liver from toxins. Algae, turmeric, oregano oil and ginger are things that have been around forever and very powerful in helping detox your body from viral and fungal things.

Want to feel better within a few days? 

Eliminate gluten, sugar and diary from your diet and you will begin to see immediate results. Juicing 7 days, or buying a green powder and putting it into a smoothie (amazing grass), limiting your animal protein to once a day and watching your sugar intake while being mindful of what ingredients are in the foods you are eating.


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