Greg Amundson: 3 Essentials for Having a Fulfilled Life

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Our today’s guest is the founder of the distinguished CrossFit exercise program Greg Amundson. Former DEA agent and army captain, Greg is fitness and yoga instructor and one of the country’s top experts in integrated wellness. Greg is here to explain the importance of training your mind as well as body, and present what he thinks are the 3 pillars of life success and fulfillment.

That between Your Ears

Getting your body in shape is great, sure, but only if it runs parallel with the mind development. It is a mistake to think about CrossFit in simplistic terms of getting your gear together. In its devotional potential, in the intensity of the trainings, cross fit initiates must hope to find the integration of their mind, body, and spirit.

In the Beginning There Was the Word
In emphasizing the holistic approach to development, Greg points out that the spoken word is preceded by one’s thought, which will later through action affect everything we set out to do in this world. Hence the quality of our thinking determines the righteousness and success of our actions. Therefore in CrossFit, and indeed in life in general, you should seek to improve your thought process as it is the underlying reason for the quality of your life and career.

Beyond Thought


Of course, thinking is the start, but not nearly enough. To become an achiever, a high level of healthy commitment is required. The right sort of commitment will always spring from the well-formulated thought; will be tangible and its presence sensed by others; and self-sufficient as when properly formed, the Universe will conspire for its fulfillment.

Another pillar of success is surely discipline. We all have it, in one way or the other, but the question remains what we are disciplined to. Setting the hierarchy of priorities we ought to recognize the most important of them and become disciplined in it.

The Sacred Wisdom
Our next pillar is the wisdom contained in Holy Bible and virtually every other spiritual text – seeking gratification not in the treasures of the outside world, but in the richness and grace inside you. Just as the warrior from Greg’s book finds that what he set out to find was inside him all along, we ought to appreciate and draw life source from within.

The Mornings

For Greg, how you start a day is of tremendous importance. Meditation, exercise, smoothies, yes to all that, but the thing he stresses out the most is silence. Also the first word we utter into this vastness of silence. We must be aware of the power of the spoken word and not waste it in vain. The first words you utter will set you on a day’s trajectory leading to a more complete, fulfilled, and successful experience.

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