The 5 Ketomyths That No One Talks About

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Our today’s guest is Dr. David Jockers, Doctor and CEO at Exodus Health Center. Presence and an expert in the field of wellness and nutrition, Dr. Jockers is here to unveil truths, or else dispel a few myths that have been associated with the ketogenic diet.

Simulation of Fasting

Ketosis is no news. Aside from using it in regulating gut microbiome in psychologically challenged children since 1920s, low carb fasting is the way our ancestors turned to when food was scarce. They had to use ketones for energy and were in effect much more focused, much stronger, much more resilient in times of fasting then of feast. The Keto of today is a simulation of their fasting, only much more developed and refined.

Truths, Half-truths, and Myths

The longevity of Ketosis helped spin a few myths around it. The following selection is an attempt to explain the chief among them.

Myth No.1

Weight loss has for long been tightly knit to keto diet. Whereas weight benefits do exist, Keto is also much more than just that. The ketones flowing in your bloodstream act as epigenetic modifiers that will help reduce brain inflammation. Helping genes express themselves is a tremendous health benefit gained from Ketosis.

Myth No.2
Many have proposed that turning to 60-85% fat diet is stressful for our bodies. Though there is some truth to this, the high-fat low-carb diet is indeed stressful to people already stressed out. That is why the mindful approach is necessary, that is, easing the body, adapting it to become a fat burning machinery using ketones.

Myth No.3 and No.4
There is a general misconception that Ketosis is an all meat diet, which is misleading. Keto is in fact roughly 60-85% fat, 10-30% protein, and 5% carb taken from different, mostly green sources. Meat does have health benefits but is rough on the gut taking a lot of energy to digest. Although some fat in Keto comes from meat, the majority is healthy fats from avocados, olives, nuts, and such.

The next myth is somewhat related to the previous, as it states that Ketosis is poor in fiber so valuable in running our system. But haven’t we mentioned avocado? Food that’s so rich in fiber and thus extremely helpful in keeping the gut microbiome regulated.

Myth No.5
This one has it that Ketosis is restrictive, that is not sustainable over long term. Again here, the truth is easily verifiable. We only need to ask the thousands of people battling obesity with ketosis and dropping pounds precisely due to their determination. And besides, low carb diet will free you of those constant carb and sugar cravings, relieving you of the emotional addiction you’ve so long been slave to.

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