Daniel Francis - “Entrepreneurial Alchemist Teaches You The 7 Steps To Downloading The Best Entrepreneurial Mental Programs Now”

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Our guest today, Daniel Francis reached the top level of a multi-level marketing company and realized that he wasn’t fulfilled. He wanted to find a meaning and purpose, which he has now - becoming the #1 dating expert in the industry within the United Kingdom. However he didn’t feel like he was living to his full potential.

7 Steps To Move Forward Mentally Now

1. Puppet and Puppet Master - When we are living as the puppet we are unconscious, we have others pulling our strings. When you pull back from the emotion you can take a step towards becoming a puppet master. Dissociate from the pain of the moment so that you can direct yourself the way that you want to go.
2. Create Cave Time - This is specific time for yourself that you should give yourself to focus on your vision, to meditate and connect with God or your higher power. You need to do this daily, even if it’s only for 5-10 minutes. Daniel is currently investing 30 minutes doing this each day. You then become aware of the emotional state you are in and the solutions. Thomas Edison called it “Going to the land of solution”. He would go into the zone between wake and sleep.
3. Ask Yourself “What?” - Most people will ask themselves “why”, “why is this so hard?” “Why is this happening to me?” Versus “what can I do to turn this around and have fun doing it?” Or “What can I do to create a solution and enjoy it?” Spirit loves fun, and everything feels easier!
4. Laugh Everyday - Go to youtube and watch funny videos. Find stand up comics and watch them. Schedule anything that ensures you are laughing daily.
5. What Gets Scheduled Gets Done - Schedule the things that will help you get out of the rut that you’re in.
6. Higher & Lower Self Shift - Visual imprint of people that are overwhelmed and exhausted. Your lower self you want to see spatially where you are. Where is your lower self? Is it lower to the left? Where is your higher self? Is it in front of you? Is it above you? Then you see yourself moving where your higher self is. Shift into your higher self. Physically step towards your higher self. Practice this by stepping into the lower self, and then step out of it into your higher self.
7. Mission Killers - When we are making a shift from the victim to victor to the visionary. Victim is at the mercy of other people, where we feel like people are pulling our strings. Victor is when you start taking responsibility (emotional numbness, obligation and distraction). Vision starts pulling out your passion and drive. As an entrepreneur you want to inspire a team and inspire investors to follow you. Your passion is the thing that is going to light people up! You can’t get to your vision, you have to come from it. Higher self is a shift to keep your state high. Every vision you have has a vibration. How would you feel if you already completed this? How would that feel if you have already achieved what you wanted to?

Modeling is important. Find people that you want to be like, and model what they are like and what they are doing. What does your higher self look like? What can you do to remind yourself to step into your higher self throughout the day? Put a rock in your pocket and every time you feel it, step into your higher power. Put an anchor on our desk.

Your cells have memory. Continually and consistently do the one thing you need to be doing to get you closer to where you want to be in life, health, business, relationships etc.
Learn how to stop things that are time wasters and substitute those things with what is important to accomplish your long-term goals.

Best questions to be asking yourself on a regular basis:

  • What else is possible?
  • What can I or we achieve?
  • How can I make this fast and easy?
  • How can I make this enjoyable and easy?
  • Who do I need to be?
  • Who can I speak to?
  • What would you feel if you already completed this?
  • What would that feel is you already achieved what you wanted to?
  • What does your higher self look like?
  • What can I do to turn this around and have fun doing it?
  • What can I do to create a solution and enjoy it?

Mantras Daniel Lives By:
- My mornings are mine.
- And I nurture at night.
- Turn pain into power.
- I’m a value creator not a value taker.
- I persist until I win.
- I continue to step into my higher self.
- What goes into our minds before we go to sleep is so important! In the morning and night, keep your phone, ipad, whatever electronics off!

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