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Deborah is a coach and consultant to maverick entrepreneurs all over the world working in the field of human psychology. She has a 30 year career in real estate brokerage and has been on the path to get herself into a state of high performance for most of her life which has lead her to the fascination and research of our emotions. In this interview you will learn ways to reframe your perspective on your emotions.


Learning How to Unlock Your Unconscious Mind

You are so much more than your behaviors and beliefs. Once you identify the things that really hold you back, it will help you step into a new level of who you are and what you’re capable of.

Understanding how your thoughts shape everything that we do. It’s not so much that, because we can choose more positive and uplifting higher potential thoughts. We do have a subconscious program that we’ve accumulated up until this day in time.

We rarely have had an insights in how we can undo the way our thoughts have been programmed. One minute you can live in your highest self and beliefs, and the next minute you can be in a dis-empowered perspective due to those patterns and thoughts that have been there for years.

We condition the body through our experiences
Emotional Intensity
Then that gets locked it into our body

All emotion is intelligent. All of it is designed with a very specific and positive intention. Even the following emotions:

Fear of success, fear of rejection, fear of not being enough, fear of scarcity etc. Fear is designed for many purposes. It rarely means “stop”. It means “gather your wits about you, arm yourself with the information and resources you need to go forward.”
Fear only means “stop” when your life’s in danger and you’re about to go off a cliff. Fear is the ONLY thing that can activate courage. Without fear, there is no courage.


We were all taught how to survive something over our lives and if those patterns have helped you get to where you are and get through things at age 50 if you are still surviving.
Survive, growth and thriving are the biggest patterns that we all have as humans. At one time or another, all humans.

Fear of not being enough and the fear of dozens of things, create brilliant ways to help us survive. If they came to serve us throughout our lives and they continue to operate, there is no calibration in the body and mind, you can say “well done, I’m safe, secure and healthy without you.”

Deborah has been researching the emotional states we all have since a car accident which brought her a greater awareness to the things and people around her what she calls the “emotion matrix”.


4 Questions to ask yourself to use your emotions as a guidance system to help you thrive and access higher levels of performance.

1. What was the original intention of the pattern?
When you’re able to discover that that emotion was there to keep you safe and guide you you have a different perspective.

2. What have been the benefits of this pattern over time? How has it served you over the years?
Deborah gives us some examples of emotions that someone may have and how it has served them over the years.
For instance, “Fear of rejection, why have you been there?” I’ve been here because I needed to protect you.
Remember there is always an upside to every pattern. Hatred is designed to be the most powerful form of protection there is.

The best defense is a strong offense. If I “hate” this so much, or something so much, all of a sudden it becomes objectified. Can’t touch or hurt me.
3. What has been the unintended downside of having this emotion if any?
You will know this pattern needs to change when the downside of how that emotion is playing out in your life is greater than the ultimate upside. Every time a pattern is shifted in a power and positive way Deborah believes it elevates our consciousness and makes other patterns available for exploration.
4. If you could provide all the up side without any of the downside would you do it and what would you change?
Then you would decide what you want to keep. Perhaps you would create new strategies around having the emotion.

Patterns can be not only beliefs but they are subtle language patterns to inhibit your language patterns.
Journalling is a very helpful tool if you journal long enough to get your conscious mind out of the way to bring greater awareness of yourself.

She works with entrepreneurs because she believes that they are the people that are going to change the world. They are amazing visionaries and creative souls that will provide resources and create positive change in the world. Entrepreneurs will solve educational, social and financial problems in the world!

What is it about the emotional system that we don’t understand? What if the emotional system is flawless? That’s the assumption that Deborah initiates every coaching relationship. Every emotion we experience is designed to serve us in one way.

Common Entrepreneurial Challenges:

Drive - They work themselves into the ground. They often neglect their physical, emotional and relational well being. Drive is a compensatory pattern. The drive is powerful but it’s fighting against something. Once you figure out what it is fighting against, you free up energy and creativity for productive results.
Stress - around fear of loss with contracts and projects we are trying to achieve.

If you can reframe “negative emotion” to “emotions that serve” helps to take pressure off of them to suppress, contain or maintain these emotions. Eliminating one stress pattern, one emotional pattern, it enables the nervous system to decrease in very powerful ways.


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