Grant Weherley - Tame Your ADHD Brain Increase Productivity & Monetize Your Expertise

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Today we discuss with Grant Weherley what can we do to overcome ADHD and how to monetize your expertise in the field or niche you work in. When it comes to ADHD most licensed professionals don’t know anything around this topic but to consume pharmaceuticals. Entrepreneurs have a higher tendency to have “scattered brain syndrome.” To say that you have ADHD is shorthand to have some problematic tendencies.

How to Maximize Your Performance with ADHD Tendencies

Each list of these tendencies vary from person to person. Once you understand these tendencies, you can start attacking them one by one. At the very least it would increase the efficacy of how you can maximize your performance.
The most important lifestyle strategies that you should be implementing is:

  • Meditation
  • Fish Oil
  • Essential Amino Acids - L - Phenol Alanine

How to Monetize your Expertise:

  1. Create Structure and Content.
  2. Find Your Target Audience
  3. Email Sequences with Webinars
  4. Partner with people that are relevant to your audience
  5. Market your product based off of your price point.

How to create more traffic

Content: Content marketing with podcasts, blogging and vlogging are good for the long term.
CoCreate: Cocreate content, or give bonus content from other people with courses.
Paid Ads: Facebook Ads can be very beneficial for people that are looking to drive traffic.
Partnerships: Target other people’s email list that complement your own. The best solution is to tap into your existing network.
Export: You can export your gmail list and linked in emails. In one hour you can get 500 people on your strating email list.

Biggest Mistakes People Make: Not having a marketing plan at all is the biggest mistake that people can make and/or having an oversimplified version without a clear message.

How to evergreen the process

You get in front of enough people consistent enough and a certain amount of people will buy it from
Relaunch the course or create a new version of the course that you can launch.
Focus on conversion rates with A/B split testing copy and design of different pages and then start sending traffic to the pages that convert the best.

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