Look at Business through Different Lenses with Russell Brunson

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Our guest for today is Russell Brunson, an entrepreneur highly versed in Internet marketing. The founder of ClickFunnels who has an extremely effective approach to business and sales, he is here both to share some of his views regarding the two, and also offer some tools for the growth thereof.

It’s a Different World Out There

The advent of new selling platforms has seen the market rules evolving. No longer do the sellers need to have the best tie or talk in nothing but numbers; today’s selling is all about gaining the legitimacy, about the story we present to the prospective buyers. And the more personalized the story - the better. Failing to realize this simple truth will result in a vain competition among fellow suits and ties, with nothing to separate one from the other.

People Crave Connection

Business is in no way detached from life, but rather deeply imbedded into it. Being a part of something larger, the desire to plug ourselves into some social stream seems to be the driving force behind many of our real-life actions. In Russell’s view, it is the same thing with business. The true catch, if catch it is, is to weave an intricate web of connections that are based on providing value each step of the way. That’s the best way to start a business, and the best way to keep it going.

Practical Advice for a Successful Run

Working for Free Eventually Pays off

No amount of self-brag will ever help your business. What you want instead is to get some reference that would mirror your desired presentation, and run with it. The best example Russell could provide is his own; you can portray or isolate your ideal client, whom you can then work with for free. Their satisfaction is you best ticket into the business world.

Passion is Catchy

Russell believes that serving people and community ought to be the main driving force behind any business idea. Serving passionately that is, because without strong belief in the idea that you put forward there can never be any success. This is because people do recognize the passion, and more often than not decide to follow it.

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