Learn How Cannabis Can Improve Your Life With Canadian Medical Marijuana Expert

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Dr. Mike was working with patients with chronic illnesses in which the treatments he was prescribing wasn’t bringing enough pain relief or long term results. So when in 2014, the Canadian Government approved a program that allowed easier access to medical marijuana. After he began to see a lot of success with his patients from switching them from opiates to marijuana he started a medical marijuana clinic.


Depending on your medical background and history CBD solely, CBD and THC together or just THC could all improve the quality of your sleep. For example if you are a novice to medical marijuana using only a CBD strain of marijuana may help improve your sleep dramatically, while more avid users will usually need a kush strain that is indica dominant.

Dr. Mike doesn’t recommend the consumption of CBD for your general health but for a specific issue or problem.

CBD Benefits:
Decrease overall body inflammation
Avoid neurodegeneration from occurring later on in life.
Chronic Pain Relief
Stress Relief

CBD Dosage:
10 - 30/40 mg a day. There is no lethal dose from taking CBD. Side effect of consuming too much CBD would be feeling tired, sleepy and will cease once you stop using the CBD oil.**please see a certified medical marijuana distributer for specific dose for your own personal use**

Chronic Pain - edibles and oil have seemed to help Dr. Mike’s patients the most. When thinking about medical marijuana no matter the form you are consuming it - remember it is a medicine and needs to be treated with respect and not overused for your specific condition.

Dr. Mike’s Morning Routine
Right away he takes his supplements which currently are Vitamin D, fish oil, L-Theanine which is synergistic with caffeine, and more recently ketones. He then drinks his coffee with grass-fed butter, makes eggs which he eats every day along with a smoothie.

His morning shake is usually green including celery, zucchini, broccoli, spinach, kale, spirulina, cacao powder, ashwagandha, lion’s mane apple cider vinegar.
Once Mike finishes his shake prep for the day he does 5 mins of Heart Rate Variability Training Every Morning followed by the 5 min journal.

Dr Mike’s main benefits from his personal CBD use has been joint pain relief, he has found he is calmer some days and due to a genetic gene of alzheimer’s he takes 10 mg twice a day.

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