Diet Rehab: The Steps towards Health Are Cobbled by Proper Nutrition

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Our guest for today is a naturopathic physician and entrepreneur Lauren Noel. She is here to share her nutrition-minded approach to health which reaps not only the benefits for our bodies, but plays a significant role in lifting up the mindset too.

Healing over Treatment

Traditional medicine often overrides its purpose; instead of healing an issue, its manner of treatment may cause further anxiety and frustration. Pill after pill after pill does only so much, leaving the root cause of a problem intact.

Natural medicine is all about these root issues. As Dr. Lauren Noel emphasizes, much of what we feel or how healthy we are will depend on the mindful approach to diet and daily habits. Dr. Noel offers several practical tips for improving our overall health and performance through leading a detox life.

The Practical Tips

Water up
The first thing you should do after flicking your eyelids apart is to drink water. And lots of it. The toxins that accumulate during sleep need to be let out, and a gallon water is the best way to lead them there.
Take a stroll or two
The next on the list is walking. Besides pumping in some fresh air, the rhythmic action of walking will help your body align to your mind. Freeze the world for a few hundred strides, pause to wonder, you’ll be amazed by the effect.
Eat and sleep regularly
Don’t skip the meals! - you’ve heard it often enough. Just as it is important what we eat (balanced food is the order of the day), it’s also paramount to establish the regular pattern of food intake.
Detox your environment
The principle of the naturopathic practice revolves around detoxing one’s body and one’s environment. The former is done by increasing antioxidants like glutathione inside it, while the environment can be detoxed by, for instance, limiting the use of one’s phone. Try not to touch your phone for the first hour of the day, focusing instead on your own thoughts. Oh, and turn those ghastly notifications off.

Body and Mind Combined

Incorporating any of these changes requires time, so take them one by one. Performance-wise, your body will be much better prepared for the coming day, and they’ll also slowly shift your mindset to where you want it to be.

Take an unexpected illness for instance. Would you rather sob and mourn over it, or mindfully accept it as a call for change? Would you rather victimize yourself, or listen carefully to what your body is saying? Dr. Noel states that this is the kind of mindfulness that proper nutrition and lifestyle bring to the table.

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