Emotional Maturity is the Unsung Hero of Any Successful Business

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Alyssa Nobriga is our guest for today, a professional coach and spiritual advisor who merges the two disciplines into a more fulfilling experience. She is here to teach us about the ways of incorporating feelings into business.

For Alyssa, every entrepreneurship idea should start with the desire, the drive to do something. Once you have recognized what the ‘what’ is, only then should you start figuring out the ways of productively helping others with your idea. In its essence, entrepreneurship should consist of exploring the values you wish to put forward, and then align every aspect of your life to those values.

Explore the Richness of Your Inner World

Alyssa puts great emphasis on slowing the pace down, taking a breather; nurturing one’s feelings by allowing them to come forward. During her practices she has sensed that people of success often hurry towards their goals, more than often compensating for the unexplored feelings. The next time the feeling of, say, fear overwhelms you, let it come, embrace it, and then let it dissolve leaving a more conscious mind in its wake. To do that, Alyssa suggests a 90-second practice of allowing in the avoided feelings and really experiencing them without identifying with their effects. This simple yet fundamental practice will alone result in a more mindful approach to life, and thus better productivity in business.

Knowing the Reasons Behind Your Goals

Those moments of stopping can help us connect with what’s most important for us, rather than unconsciously getting on a hamster wheel of more.
Business is often an unconscious push towards one’s goals, with no notion of real values that those goals carry. Drive on, push forward, be faster, more productive; it all pales if we don’t realize the true incentive behind our entrepreneurial efforts. If, for instance, you believe that money is your goal, ask yourself what feelings you expect to elicit from gaining it; will the money help you reach the deeper fulfillment you crave? And finally, do I already have those things in my life?

The habit of exploring the true incentive behind the crude tangibility of goals is paramount - your life will be all the fuller for it.

Moving forward means overcoming the emotional and other obstacles that inevitably pop up along the path. For Alyssa, the best practices for reaching the depths of one’s feelings are guided meditation, stillness practices, and constant questioning of one’s mind. To further help your deal with the obstacles she has created the Getting Unstuck, a simple tool for improving your life and business mastery.

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