Walk Down the Success Road with Henry Penix

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You name it – Henry Penix’s done it. Our today’s guest is an extremely successful multi-platform entrepreneur who’s seen much of the business world and lives to tell the tale. Having him on the show, he agreed to share some of his insights into what it takes to be successful in business and maintain a healthy mind outside of it.

Form a Strong Base

Business or life, being there for people is an essential trait of success. But if you don’t take care of yourself you’ll be no good to anyone else; your body needs to in such a mental and physical condition as to withstand all the stress it’s regularly exposed to. Getting down to the practical level of things, Henry came up with the idea of walk-and-talk – a routine walking session during which he discusses business. This simple lifestyle adjustment helps him maintain his bodily fitness not compromising performance.

Master the Priorities

Granted, bringing work home can be challenging to avoid. Still, it’s nothing that a proper time management and some pre-prioritizing cannot solve. Setting your priorities straight means not only building the proper hierarchy among them, but also finding the strength to focus on only one thing at the time. When spending time with your family for instance, business should be all but expelled from your thought.

Vision Equals Success

Profound things are often the simplest. Such is the case with having a goal, a vision, having a reason to get up in the morning. Couple that vision with the pit-bull mentality and the success is inevitable. The path that take you there might not be the one you pictured; like a plane flying to its destined course the winds may throw you this way or that, but if you have the clear vision in place it will guide you to where you want to go.

Friend or Foe

Equally, or indeed even more important than your business effort are the people you have in your circle. Who are they? Do they add value to your life or are just there for the give and take? Surround yourself with people of integrity and make an effort to maintain those relationships. A short message or call every once in a while will do.

Meeting New Folk

The key to develop quality relationships, business or otherwise, is to eliminate fear right off the bat. The fear both of how you’d be perceived and what you perceive in the other person. Identify what you are insecure about when meeting a new person and confront it right there and then. Also don’t measure people by their education, social status, and all these non-factors. We are all on equal playing grounds and there’s no reason to fear anyone is Henry’s take on the matter.

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