Stefan Apostolov on The Wisdom of Healthy Living

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Our today’s guest is a film maker and lifestyle coach Stefan Apostolov. Setting an example to what the true film making is all about, Stefan seeks to immerse us into the world through his healthcare advice.

Inspire Every Moment

So much of our lives has turned into a race with time. Immersed in screens and numbers, we pay little attention to what’s going on around us and rarely get to enjoy the fruits of our hard work. In fact, we almost forget how to.
And the how-to is the matter of health, both the outer physical and the internal. The word motivation is largely overused these days and should be replaced with another – inspiration. Stefan believes that the path to inner health is cobbled by our drives, the inspirations each has to find within.

Owning the Moment

The key to every successful endeavor is presence. Being present in the moment means more than just focusing on the task at hand, but being aware of the dreams and goals you’ve set, and taking in all that the environment is trying to relate. The goals have to be aimed for high, regardless of whether you can hit the mark or not. The goal is to always try, always be on the move.
What’s Your Passion?
To pursue the dream relentlessly, you must have a passion for it. It needs to start from within, must be something you enjoy doing and feel that can change or inspire people’s lives. Don’t get stuck on just one of them, but try out multiple passions and see whether they fit the bill.

The Road to Health

A healthcare guru, Stefan has a few pieces of advice to relate. Nutrition-wise he urges you to drop the bad food and eat only organic, homemade dishes. If you’re having trouble cutting on the bad food, think of eating as a pleasure that you need to replace with another, physically active one.
The greatest healthcare advice from Stefan is to surround yourself with good, positive people. Family or friends, these would be the people that support your mission in business and purpose in life.

Final Advice
Himself a perfectionist, Stefan holds that too much attention paid to every detail dilutes the focus on things that really matter, details that will drive your business forward. Part of being a successful entrepreneurs is to recognize and separate the important details from the others less so.
As a final takeaway, Stefan urges you to incorporate a new change in your life and run with it till it becomes a habit. One such habit at a time, and your life will be a fuller, happier experience.

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