Run Your Life the Right Way with Dean Karnazes

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The man we have on our show today stretches the limits of being a superhuman. An ultra-marathon runner of note and author of four books, Dean Karnazes also runs a successful business alongside.

Human, All too Human

If there ever was any doubt, he is the ultimate proof what dedication, passion and sacrifice can achieve. Dean turned a runner after the age of 30, leaving a great job behind to follow the dream. By his own admission it was terrifying, but less than had he not given it a try.

Be Obsessive About Your Goal
Dean’s records include running for 81 hours non-stop and covering 350 miles in the process. This is only possible, he believes, if you set a goal and follow it through religiously. Once you clicked on what you want to accomplish, that’s it; apply your full focus to it, everything else should serve the ultimate goal.
When he says everything, he mostly means time. “Time is an asset”, Dean holds, and the most important one you have. Don’t let it dissipate on things that don’t matter or matter to someone else. Take out a part of the day that’s going to be yours and yours only.

“My Diet Is My Supplement”

As an athlete and entrepreneur, Dean holds a disciplined diet. Not necessarily strict, as he eats everything that his body agrees with, rejecting the foods that it doesn’t. He adapted the diet through rigorous self-experimentation only to land on a modified paleo. That will change no doubt, as it should, but the one thing he absolutely can’t do without is intermittent fasting. Skipping breakfast every once in a while works wonders, just as skipping meals when there’s nothing good for him on the menu.

Better eat no food than eat wrong food.

He’s also not too friendly with supplements, believing that the wholefoods he processes have more than enough in them to render the supplements unnecessary.

Know Thyself

To be successful, you have to be comfortable with who you are. Having lots of people around can be noisy at times, hence why you need to shut the world out at times and dedicate the time for some self-examination. Do a routine, running, reading, or something else, that’ going to help you search inside the wells of yourself.

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