Brian Mackenzie - Proper Breathing Might be the Most Important Thing in Life

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Our guest for today is Brian Mackenzie, a world-renowned strength and conditioning coach and author of two phenomenal books. Adding much value to our series, he focuses on the thing many of us neglect in our ride to success – breathing.

Pause for Breath

Technology has the power and platform to shift the paradigms and change the nature of our everyday activities. News feed for instance, is now completely different to what it was just 10 years ago. But tech can also narrow the field of interest by providing sort of an instant pseudo satisfaction. It’s up to us to get the most out of technology without falling into its alluring behavioral trap. The secret is to pull out, pause for breath, and reflect as soon as you notice it narrowing you down.
Addiction is nothing more than narrowing the things that bring us pleasure, Brian quotes his friend.

Following the footsteps of technology is easy, but building a sound foundation unmindful of its traps is easier said than done. Forget about nutrition being the foundation. Take two people who eat the same meals under similar external circumstances, with one being stressed out and the other not. The difference in their reaction will be stark. No, nutrition is not the foundation; but it’s rather the way we see the world and interact with it.

Focus on the Fundamentals

According to Brian, the foundation from which to build a stress-free life starts with how we breathe. Most of us at the entrepreneurial dance get lost in duties, numbers, and tomorrows, that we totally neglect slowing down a little and focusing on our breathing patterns. This can get us out of most of the stressful situations.

There is no universal way to perfect your breathing, what’s important is to understand the principles of in-and-out. Particularly as there are no two people with same breathing cycles. Changing each of the four elements of the breathing process (inhale, breath hold, breath pause, and exhale) will elicit drastically different responses from people. Breathing the right way can shift feelings and alter those unexpected nuances on the fly.
Having a foothold in breathing is a key to attaining fearlessness. Being to a shark dive, Brian relates these predators to meeting the scary challenges in any line of work. Breathing is what helps you stay composed in adverse situations, and avoid being a prey.
I Just Wanna be a Kid
Brian takes a moment or two to reflect on life and why do we do the things we do. Why bother with business at all? The answer lies in the present moment, or rather, how much of that child is still in you. Being adult all the way through makes you less than complete; the childish curiosity is something you need to cherish and preserve with your life.

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