Get the Most out of Your Life Through Your Diet and Exercise with Andy Galpin

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We have Dr. Andy Galpin with us today, a professor at California State University in Fullerton. Andy has a PhD in Human Bioenergetics and is working with many professional athletes. He is a fascinating speaker in more ways than one, and is here to venture deep into nutrition and exercise.

Rules of the Game

It’s extremely difficult to filter out the truth in fitness and nutrition in the Internet space. Not your typical entrepreneur, Andy is in the business of educating people for the very sake of it. The one truth he is trying to get across is that nutrition is never a fixed game but involves some guesswork. The science of nutrition is in constant flux and it would be wrong to think that a diet, however supported by today’s findings, is going to work for everybody - every time.

Admit Your Mistakes

Mistakes are a part of every business endeavor. The drive to be infallible all the time is pointless just as it is counterproductive. More than being cool with making mistakes, you should also be willing to admit them. Find courage to admit your mistakes - your clients and business partners will know to appreciate it.

The Simple Truth

Stressing that each of us is an individual, Andy has agreed to let us in on some general performance increasers. To improve it, you don’t need to get complicated and chart your days out. All you need is to do is eat organic, drink a lot of water, sleep well, balance the nutrients, and exert yourself emotionally. These 5 things will have an immediate performance impact for 90% of the people. The rest is down to the individual person. As for the supplements, there is no definite go-to, take whatever works for you.

Be ready though to cycle the supplements regularly.

Variation is the Key

Whatever you do diet or exercise-wise, make sure to vary it. Only one protein source is never a good idea, just as doing one type of exercise will never work. Don’t be afraid to mix things up.

Lifestyle Adjustments

To get the most out of your surroundings and be on top of your game both physically and mentally, there’s only a few simple steps you need to make.

Get out of the house is the absolute number one. Adjust your schedule so that you go out as much as you can. It will not only help your fitness, but add all those insular benefits will improve your lifestyle.

One other is to get into a goal reaching game. More important than this diet or that is setting a challenge for yourself, and seeing it through.

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