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Today we have Dr. Rob Vasquez and Dr. Randy Johns who run two of the largest health centers in the US. Motivated to transform the lives of individuals around them as the creators of Pure SCT Oil after both coming to the realization that there is more to life than just work and building an empire. Your health and the health of your relationships are vital in your overall success as an entrepreneur.

Importance of Finding What Works Best for YOU

Everyday Dr. Rob starts with journaling the things he is grateful for - not everyday is as easy as other days. It’s important to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. For Dr. Rob it’s intentionally in the medical field as well as encouraging entrepreneurs to live not only their business lives with purpose, but in your marriage, as you parent your children and in all things that you do.

Dr. Randy does follow a routine as well yet has chosen not to set an alarm anymore due to becoming so ‘rigid’ and legalistic you will hear how he explains that he started to forget what life is really all about.

Ask yourself: What am I really great at? What do I really love to do?

Function: restore the innate healing capacity of the body
Fitness: provide an internal healing environment for the body
Nutrition: reduce body fat, preserve lean muscle, and eliminate toxins
Education: gain a true understanding of how your body works as a “whole”
<>SCT Oil is short chain triglyceride or short chain fatty acid. Short chain fatty acid is the preferred source of fuel for the colon and is associated with many health benefits such as improved insulin sensitivity, weight loss, anti-cancer, detoxification, and systemic anti-inflammatory.

Benefits your gut, brain and immune system as well.

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