America’s Top Longevity Doctor Reveals His Top Strategies For An Abundant Life

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We have a high-profile guest for today’s show, Dr. Mitch Ghen by name and title. He is one of the world’s leading experts in anti-age and integrative medicine with more than 3 decades of experience. Dr. Mitch agreed to share his views of medicine in general and his expertise on IV therapy, particularly as it pertains to life longevity.

The Right Approach

Western medicine’s long tradition has its pillars, one of them being the treatment of symptoms when they appear. While indubitably effective, this approach doesn’t go deep enough, has no ears for determining the root cause of diseases and states. Dr. Mitch’s take on medicine is interested in these root causes. It compares a person state when they were healthy with their current state and tries to determine what went wrong.

According to Dr. Mitch, we should try and approximate the biochemical state of people when they were at their best years, and the most effective mechanism for that is shooting the necessary nutrients directly into patients’ veins.

The Intravenous Therapy

You might know them as cocktails but the whole idea, this notion that IV clinics are bars where you can pick whatever nutrient combination might suit you is misleading at best. Getting bloodwork done however, and then letting the doctor devise the program tailored to your specific needs is, if we may call it such, the right way of doing things. No two persons are alike, and what nutrients work for some may be redundant or indeed harmful for others.
The only way that IV should be done is through a very good composite evaluation of our bloodwork.

Longevity Supplements

A number of IV programs have been proposed by doctors that potentially help rejuvenate the skin. As stated above, lab is the best way to determine what supplement you are in shortage of, if any of course.

  • Glutathione Therapy: especially effective for battling anemia after a bypass surgery, glutathione is an important detoxing substance that sadly depletes as we get older. Replenishing it through IV helps the aging process go smoother.
  • Vitamin D: Apotheosized to the level of semi-hormone, Vitamin D helps decrease the risks of cancer and autoimmune diseases. Maintaining optimal level of this semi-hormone helps support longevity in the long run.
  • Multiple Vitamin Therapy
  • Probiotic Supplement Therapy
  • Curcumin: It slows the aging process right down at a cellular level.

As a closing statement, Dr. Mitch singles out a piece of advice: no doctor can help you if you don’t take care of yourself, of your body. Working out helps him in this regard, and each of us should find similar health-propelling activities.

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