Blow Your Mind with Oz Pearlman: How to Always Be One Step Ahead of Everybody Else

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We have a true superhuman guest this week, named Oz Pearlman. He is a high-level entrepreneur and also what we call a mentalist, or mind-reader to put it bluntly. Weaving the mentalist lifestyle and techniques with his business, Oz shares thoughts on how training and preparation equal success.

The Art of Mentalism

People enjoy illusion, that’s why magic is so popular whichever meridian you visit. But reading minds is not magic, there are no props to mediate a trick; the stage hosts only a trained professional mentalist, and an inquisitive audience.

And that’s where the key is. As in business, a successful mentalist has to manipulate, or rather finesse his audience’s thoughts and decisions.

No Time for Taking Breath

Once you get comfortable with status quo, you start to die.

Once you come across the formula of success, just run with it. The competition is never far behind and if you pause to breathe or bask in success, they will close in. Therefore, Oz suggests, the willingness and the discipline to constantly improve are a must. That, and an extra suit whenever you’re on the road.

How to Own the Spotlight

Getting down on the practical level, Oz offers advice on how to keep your cool when cameras start to roll. The word here is preparation; it’s the best way to relieve the pressure. As far as nervousness, you should only be nervous while preparing, once in front of the camera, automation and muscle memory should take over. Another technique to cover all that might come your way is thinking through different scenarios. Or even better, watch some footage of yourself. People can sniff fear and anxiety, especially on camera, and these techniques will get you relaxed.

Some More Practical Advice

Mistakes are your friend is the first. Oz is a huge advocate of learning from your mistakes, but don’t just say so, be obsessive about figuring out what went wrong. You should also always have one eye peering at the future, observing and thinking about how to set yourself further apart.
As for the diet, an ultra-marathon runner, the good stuff in bad stuff out seems to be Oz’s rule. ‘Naturally healthy’ diet as he calls it. It also includes avoiding late night meals that often makes you slog through the next morning.

‘Make Things Happen’

To keep himself sharp, Oz is in the business of always having a goal beyond the current one. It doesn’t have to be business related, often it is not, but it has to provide joy and give his day a meaning.

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