Mr. Universe, Dr. Chis Zaino, talks about how to become a Real Life Superhero in your marriage, business, and life.

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Our guest for today is Dr. Chris Zaino, a renowned speaker and entrepreneur. Former Mr. Universe, Chris found the strength to overcome a deadly disease and establish a successful clinic afterwards. He is here to impart some of the wisdom of living one’s life and the importance of embracing the hero within.

What Makes You Tick

Most of us don’t live our own lives. We have so many different roles and secret identities that, after a while, we all but forget who we really are and may fall into low-level depression. We are conditioned to live a certain way and as a result have lost touch with our true selves.

Chris believes that the one solution for this very modern condition is embracing the hero within.
We all have the hero quality in us, and can only unleash it once we’ve clearly set our purpose in life. Most people are sleepwalking through it. In order to stay true to ourselves, we must be, as Chris put it, ‘selfishly unselfish’ and pursue this purpose relentlessly.

The Hero Within

To hold on to our purpose, we must assume what Chris calls the hero mindset. It consists of 3 parts:
- Pride: taking pleasure in one’s achievements
- Ego: one’s sense of self-esteem, taking pleasure in one’s talents
- Humility: a necessary seasoning in every hero mindset, knowing one’s weaknesses

Defeating your secret identity is only possible through setting a purpose in life. Find it, and let your inner hero lead you towards its realization.

I Am?

The I AM is the full expression of the hero.

The highest point in expressing your purpose in life and embracing the hero within is being able to finish the I AM sentence and stay true to yourself. It can be whatever, as long as it’s the product of rigorous self-search. Reaching the point of recognition and putting it into words, into action, is revealing as it is path-finding. Once you’re able to truthfully finish the I AM sentence, then that’s the level hero you want to be at.

Embrace the Unknown

The final word of wisdom from Chris is to never be afraid of the unknown, for it is there where opportunities lie. Staying safe is an un-hero-like quality and can only result is staleness, never success.

If you stay safe, you’ll never reach the life of your dreams.

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