Harvesting the Sun: How Infrared Frequency Fights off EMFs

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Our today’s guest is Robby Besner, an inventor and infrared frequency expert. The creator and Co-owner of Therasage, Robby dissects the negative effects of Electromagnetic fields in our everyday lives, emphasizing the role of Infrared frequency in remediating them.

Dealing with the EMFs

Technology surrounds us, and not without a price. Every device you plug into a wall or use wirelessly glows with a harmful, indiscernible Electromagnetic field. Yes, even baby monitors. These EMFs, manmade as they are, subvert our bodies with neurotoxins and thus undermine our immune systems.

EMF is activating microbes that put more and more neurotoxins in our blood.
Harnessing the power of the Sun, Robby created several Infrared-based devices that repress these EM fields while putting forward the healing prowess of the IR.

Body vs. Device

If you’re close to a device that generates an intense field, what happens is that your body field starts to rise up to match the higher resonance of the EMF oscillation.
Our bodies are electric, with their own energy and their own oscillating field. Anything that disrupts that frequency, and EMFs may resonate frequency multiply times higher, will take a toll on them. This is why Robby suggests that the next time you go to sleep you hit the Airplane mode button on your phone.

He also suggests that you get yourself a device, Gauss meter it is called, that will measure the extent of EMF frequency in any given space, be it kitchen or yard. Once you identified the hotspots using Gauss meter, you should take steps towards vitiating the field strength, either by turning of the devices that made it, or by getting the attachable infrared chips that counterbalance the energy put forwards by the EMFs.

Sun-induced Healing

Robby also developed new Infrared saunas and used the Sun’s healing power to fight lyme disease. Therasages’ Thera360 saunas make up for a portable heating platform with the possibility of extending with the Ozone and Aroma therapy modules.
Traditional lyme medicines do cure the disease, but leave the lyme dead inside the body.

Not to mention all the neurotoxins also left behind. Natural Infrared frequency can purify the body of these toxins, helping the lyme-hit body to recover eradicating the symptoms in the process.
If we can make our contribution through our devices and thus help people live more purposely and pain or symptom-free, then we are adding value - and that is precisely what we are looking for.

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