Dr. Bill Andrews : Understanding Aging and How to Reverse the Process

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Dr. Bill Andrews is an expert at anti-aging and is on the forefront of telomere research. He shares with us the cutting edge research you need to know so you can live to 120.

Telomere is the end of the chromosome at the nucleus of the cell.

We dive into everything you need to know about telomere’s and what the short and long telomeres means for your health and anti aging.

Dr. Bill is an outspoken authority in this field and it’s an honor to hear about his research and often surprising discoveries. Make sure to check out his book Curing Aging

Think you have to live in a certain area of the world to live a longer life? Dr. Bill busts this myth wide open and shares why the diet and exercise theories haven’t panned out. And what is really keeping people in an area along longer.

Dr. Bill was also in a recent documentary called The Immortalists. Make sure to check out the trailer below and visit the site The Immortalists

Dr. Bill Andrews Recommended List

Vitamin D
Omega 3 Fatty acids
Endurance Exercise (that is actually enjoyable)

What to stay away from

Reduce Stress - Meditation is Dr. Bill’s #1 tip for this


Make sure to check out…

Dr. Bill’s company Sierra Sciences

LifeLength.com Telomure testing


The Immortalists

Skin Creme Dr. Bill Mentions

TAM 818

Dr. Bill recommends Isagenix for some supplements

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