Brad Costanzo: Marketing Expert Reveals Hacks for Growth

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Brad Costanzo is a marketing expert whether working with clients or starting and selling his own companies. He has some amazing case studies and marketing hacks to share in this actionable episode of the Superhuman Entrepreneur.

Brad made the entrepreneurial transition himself. After losing his job he went out on his own and started and sold several successful online companies.

His latest businesses are client marketing and a podcast interviewing some amazing high level entrepreneurs.

Once you develop these entrepreneurial skills you just feel like you have to keep using them.

We talk about the lessons and experience we’ve had working with some of the top entrepreneurs in the game. How they work and what they end up doing after they have massive success and could potentially “retire”.

The most successful people have a crystal clear vision of exactly what they want.

Failure is Feedback

Brad shares some amazing marketing advice that he uses for his client work and his own business. The right message, the right market, and the right medium.

He shares an amazing case study with us and present some awesome concepts we all can apply.


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