What Success is All About with Keith Yackey

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Our today’s guest is a true embodiment of pursuing the best version of yourself. Running his own highly profitable investing company, Keith Yackey set out to teach other investors do the same. For the purpose of this podcast, he is here to demystify the different meanings of success.

Per Aspera ad Astra

It is easy for people to look at success and with only a passing glance on the grind beneath it. But behind the glitz of an 8-figure business lay a valley of sweat and stress. Reaching the top never looks like it while doing it; it is only after you look back and see what you accomplished.

Identify Your Kryptonite

Following the premise that we have a superhuman inside, each of us also has a kryptonite, a little something that mars our way to success. It’s often some habit - for Keith it is bad food – that renders us the lesser version of ourselves when we succumb to it.
Whatever it is, there’s no doubt that your personal kryptonite offers some momentary happiness. But what about the next day? Ask yourself whether this habit benefits or undermines your long term goals and your personality in general. If not, seek it, locate it, and destroy if for once and all.

The Joy of Success

Having done that, there is still one thing to talk about, and it happens to be the most important one. Joy. All the success and business accomplishment and all those zeroes in the account mean nothing without the resulting joy.

Make a conscious effort to improve your world before taking on all of it; because your world is all of it. Your family don’t need this uber-entrepreneur who’s the envy of his business peers; no, they just need you, the person you are. The conscious effort mentioned above should always consist of little things, say, doing the dishes for your beloved.
Family is the most important asset you have. All the success outside your home means nothing if people you love are not around you to enjoy alongside.

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