Mark Alexander : Revolutionizing fitness equipment and expert biohacking strategies

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Mark Alexander is not only an accomplished entrepreneur but also in fitness and exercise with his latest company ARX fitness.

Mark shares how many exercise myths have been busted in the last decade or so. Not having time is no longer an excuse to not be staying physically fit.

We talk about the technology and mindset behind the ARX fitness unit (which is incredibly cool) and how it’s changing the way we’ll approach fitness in the future.

Two things that are revolutionary about ARX is the type of resistance training it delivers…

ARX equipment utilizes a highly-sensitive, motorized drive belt system that delivers perfectly-matched resistance 100% of the time. Your potential strength changes drastically during movement. If your resistance does not change with you (a weight, for example), then you encounter periods of time where your muscles could be doing more, but they are not. When your potential rises but the resistance stays the same, you suffer from an inefficiency.

Another aspect that is totally revolutionary is the continuous tracking that the ARX unit does (something that we should be doing in all areas of life), so you can understand your progress.

Mark also shares his best productivity and biohacks so you can take control of your time and health.

Heart rate variability is a fascinating topic that we dive into. (lot’s of links to tools and resources in the links below) There are so many different factors and solutions to talk about and look at on a day to day basis.

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