Shari Alexander : Mastering the Power of Influence to Build Better Relationships

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Sharí has a background in acting and when she made the transition to the corporate world she quickly realized she had some skills with influence after landing the client’s biggest client in just the first month she worked.

Most people start at the wrong place with Influence

The first question a CIA agent asks when giving a mission is “what is my timeline”. You need to determine your goals so you can understand how to influence.

Observe - Connect - Influence

Although a common belief, asking straight up questions is not the best way to influence and keep a conversation going.

Sharí shares the tactic to start using and examples of how you can start using it. (most of her tactics come from the intelligence world and how spy’s work to figure out information)

Practical Advice for Building Relationships at Events

Around the 20:00 minute mark we walk through a LIVE example “How I’ve been doing my marketing lately” and after the conversation Sharí breaks down exactly what happened so you can learn to apply this.

You need to find your “spark” for conversations.

Learn the “blank slate” so you can become better at getting to know someone and be able to learn the information you want to. Your neutral expression triggers people to keep talking more because they haven’t gotten the social cues they’re used to.

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