Rich Roll : Couch Potato turned Worlds Top Vegan Athlete Shows His Bulletproof Formula For High Performance Success!

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Rich has an amazing story of stepping out of corporate America and finding a new passion in fitness and entrepreneurism. He’s now a best selling author, and has one of the most popular podcasts in the market.

We’re going to talk about where Rich came from and what motivated him to make a massive change in his life. He talks about the first few days of the transition that came in his life and how his mindset has developed into what it is today. It’s something we all can learn from and experience in our own lives.

Rich’s new book - The Plant Power Way - is all about why he has chosen to eat a plant based diet and why it’s probably a good option for you. He talks about the impact it’s had on his life and how you can get started with it. (the book is in preorder now)

We answer the question - How do you get protein on a plant based diet?

We dive into all the details of a plant based diets. The reasons it works and why you might have built up some misconceptions that have held people back from taking action.

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Rich’s New Book - The Plant Power Way

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