Ariel Garten: Neuroscientist Reveals the Best Way To Melt Stress & Create More Joy Every Day

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Ariel Garten works on the cutting edge of both neuroscience and fashion, and has accomplished much in uniting both fields. Her most important project to date has been Muse, a commercially available headband that uses passive EEG measurements to help you to track your brain states on your mobile phone or tablet.

Make sure your thoughts are serving you and not vice-versa.

Muse is a slim and fashionable headband. It’s a sleek, compelling aesthetic design. Compatible software allows you to train your attention and focus and measure your progress. The whole apparatus is an adaptation of powerfully useful technology and knowledge, and for the first time makes this information widely available to consumers.

The main goal of the Muse program is to help users build states of focused attention. Through the feedback given from the headband and software, you are able to learn exactly what behavior can lead you to that place of maximized productivity.

Just three minutes of Muse training a day can yield vast improvements in performance.

Ariel is proving that technology can help us achieve states of awareness and deep focus that we might not otherwise be able to reach. The big insight comes from applying the technological paradigm to our own inner mental states, subjecting them to external measurement and thereby allowing one to concretely verify and track progress.

Much like meditation, the goal of Muse is to build your awareness. With the control and discipline that this awareness gives you over your own mind, you can maximize your own productivity. It will also sharpen your general cognitive function.

The goal is to achieve more with less time, while reducing stress. Habit stack Muse sessions into your day and you’ll learn to circumvent both internal and external distractions, and to self-regulate your emotions so that negative emotions like anger and anxiety don’t keep you from concentrating on what’s important.

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