Alan Smithson : Learn how to raise money, and build successful businesses for your kids and yourself

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Alan Smithson is a DJ and amazing entrepreneur who has done everything from being on Dragons Den (Canadian version of Shark Tank) to launching a technology company that works with the top DJs in the world.

Alan grew up in a entrepreneurial and creative environment with parents that owned the most popular jazz club in Canada. He recalls his first experience with DJing and the impact that then had on his development.

At first, he is working as a DJ at bars and then, he was invited to work under a Wedding DJ company. He earned 4x to 5x than working at a club and after the company took his $80 tip, he decided that this is his turning point to dream BIG and become a successful DJ entrepreneur. In effect, he has created his first business, Star Productions.

Alan talks about how he’s raising his daughter and some of the opportunities she’s had and how it’s shaped her mindset. We talk about the opportunities that are out there now for young kids and how Alan and his wife want to help you. Make sure to check out

“If you want to meet the highest leveled people in the world, you have to be ready for it.”

You have to be personally ready to meet these people. If you go in and you are not confident, in your endeavors, and in your own self, and you are not in a happy place, don’t go looking for that now.

Alan remembered a CEO’s advice to him that in order to become successful and have a great life, surround yourself with great people. In addition, these things to do have helped Alan to get where he is right now:

1. Read every day
2. Say NO to anything that is not going to where you want to be
3. Every day, do something different
4, Work smart and turn off those (smartphone or software) alerts

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