The Man Behind the most Advanced Sleep System on The Market & Hacking your Bedroom into a Superhuman Sleep Sanctuary.

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Our today’s guest is an expert on all things sleep. Claus Pummer is the founder of Natural by Design Inc. and the managing director of SAMINA North America. He’s also a sleep coach, and is here to remind us about the benefits that a good night’s sleep brings in business and in life.

Claus’s wants to make sure you understand how important sleep is for you and your family, help you improve your existing environment and create your own sleeping sanctuary.

The Importance

It is difficult to overestimate its role; after all, roughly 1/3 of our lives are spent in slumber. Such a vast slice of life deserves much more attention that it gets as, according to Pummer, an alarming percentage of population has trouble sleeping.

Reasons for Having a Bad Night

Non-organic Mattresses
After the choice of whom to sleep next to, the most important bedtime decision has to do with mattresses. Unless your mattress provides that elegant, S-shaped curve to your spine, you won’t enjoy the repose. Non-organic, metal mattresses have a hard time adjusting to your figure. They also provide a perfect environment for skin-eating house dust mites, who revel in the synthetic-induced moisture. Pummer is suggesting to get rid of these mattresses, and replace them for organic ones.

The Technology
The development of technology does affect our bodies, and in the way we might not have noticed. Wi-Fi, cell-phones, all of these emit electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies that affect our bodies, particularly during bedtime. High exposure has a detrimental effect on our red blood cells, gluing them together and sucking the oxygen out. And we need that oxygen to rest.

Indoor Pollution
Indoor pollution is seven times higher than outdoor pollution.
This fact speaks for itself, and the non-organic materials make the situation even worse.

SAMINA: A Bedtime Revolution

We are so invested in being daytime entrepreneurial high-performers to be completely blind to the other side of it – the sleeping performance. There’s no success in both life and business without the quality snooze. Essentially a sleeping system, SAMINA is created to provide the best deep sleep experience possible. Its organic, multi-layered mattresses are made of merino wool and silver-woven grounding pad, the former absorbing moisture and thus getting rid of mites, while the latter deals with radio frequencies by conducting them further down to earth.
The secret of a healthy wake-up is hardly a secret at all: you just need a proper environment for spending one third of your life in. If you wonder about the quality of your sleep, here’s a simple test.
When you wake up, before you get out of bed think about how you feel this morning, how your night was. Listen to your body signals.

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