Dhru Purohit: Prioritize Your Way to Success

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Today’s guest is serial entrepreneur and investor, Dhru Purohit who is a partner and CEO of Dr. Hymen Enterprises, along with being a contributor to two NY Times best-selling books. Highlighting the role of emotional health, Dhru reveals the roots of entrepreneurial wisdom. He’s also here to share his views on the importance of not settling, but sticking to one’s priorities.

The Secret of Being a High Performer

‘Falling flat on your face multiple times’, says Dhru, reminiscing on the secret of attaining business wisdom. The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who made the most mistakes in their field, and were able to profit from them.

Focus On That One Thing

The number one risk of first-time entrepreneurs is that they try to do too much.
Achieving little success is a slippery field, for that’s when new opportunities open. But however appealing a business or a life novelty is, think about whether it contributes to the overall goal that already exists, is already set in motion.

You need to have That One Thing, the one goal towards which all your attention and energy strives. Piling needless tasks and checking endless to-do lists isn’t the way; too many activities will only divert you from moving forward the intended path. Once you reach some success, you’ll want to go deeper, not wider.

Honesty is Paramount

We hear from Dhru, that the whole business of setting and sticking to one’s priorities has an important prerequisite to it – honesty. For a successful entrepreneur you need to have a clear vision on what you want. Further, should the situation require, you’d have to be resolute enough and quit everything that isn’t getting you towards that goal in order to double down on it.

Admitting what are those things takes some character, and lots of honesty.

Emotional Health Matters

Stick to a routine that works for you as an individual. For some it is a specific morning routine, for others it may be an evening routing. Dhru focuses on getting rid of emotional splinters always no matter what routine is working for him in the various stages of his life.

It’s the small, little things in your life that you haven’t brought to completion.
An unpleasant situation, a deal gone wrong; these are all in the back of your mind causing anxiety. Writing them down in a daily to-do list will help you a lot.

Walking, Meditation, Serving Others = State of Flow

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