An Ex-Rock Guitarist and A 3 Time Natural Bodybuilding Champion discuss Hacking Your Gut Health With Enzymes, The #1 Muscle Building Secret and The Best Water On The Planet.

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On today’s show we have Matt Gallant, an Ex-rock Guitarist with a degree in physiology and a CEO of handful Companies which includes Bio-optimizers and Wade Lightheart, A Three-time National Body Builders Champion and also an Adviser to the National Anti-Cancer Institute of America, a Director of Education on Bio-optimizers and also wrote the book called ‘Staying Alive.’

Matt and Wade are two healthpreneurs creating a very awesome Bio-optimizer supplement product.

Learn Their Morning Routines

Matt embraces his chronotype, being a slow waker. He drinks a liter of ionized alkaline water. Using the Neuro by Vielight to sleep well, and prefers black coffee. Stretch out his muscles with a foam roller if he is sore and waits until lunch to eat. The combination of caffeine and Alpha helps get him to peak productivity state. Water is a big deal, and he uses Kangen.

Wade being different physiologically the same technology still works for both of them. Wade travels a lot, so to prevent jet lag he uses a bemer technology and meditates a lot. Practices the Eastern Philosophy ideology so takes time for deep breathes and a practice every morning. He takes a variety of supplements and has found that mini breaks are very important throughout his day for productivity.

Why Water is so important?

Kangan is a type of water really tries a lot to provide good water for the body. According to Dr. Pollack water has four states - Solid, Liquid, Gas, and Crystal. Water is like an informative storage device and a medium that can be programmed from a variety of sources. Chemically, electrically (iones), with frequencies (sound technology or a bemer machine) all of these make the story that is going on within water and everyones body.Changing the water you drink can really increase your endurance even if you are a very horrible eater.

Resentment will harm and deteriorate your partnership in your workplace and slow productivity down in any business. Have appreciation for the people in your business and recognize their strengths. Working together as a team and understanding that you may need to bring other people in to fine tune your team. 

Strategies For Staying Healthy While You Are Traveling

You need to make sure you have your basic health essentials. Dehydration while you travel will really hinder you. Train lighter while on the road and full body movements to keep yourself going - get to the gym as soon as possible when you arrive somewhere. Don’t eat on the plane. A ‘dreamliner’ plane when traveling across the ocean. Resetting your circadian rhythm when travel to new areas. Human Charger - lights in your ear and Retimer - glasses that blast your eyes with lights.

Taking Enzymes on an empty stomach helps digest the undigested protein in your blood and intestinal track and cleans house. Potent enzyme, plant based and enough of the enzyme to create the desired affect you are looking for.

Six Top Things Masszymes Supplement

  • You can predigest your protein and sip it while working out to improve recovery and muscle growth.
  • If your steak is hard, putting 2-3 capsules on the steak tenderizes it.
  • Taking 5 capsules of masszymes 2-3 times a day while you are fasting to improve the effects and results when you are wanting to do cleansing.
  • Taking 5 - 10 capsules before a workout strength or endurance youll notice better focus and results.
  • Taking the supplements before eating several times throughout the day helps enhance the mood with those with depression.
  • It prevents brain fog when fasting with a smooth energy.

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