Dr Trevor Cates : Understand The Top 3 Strategies For Radiant Skin and Cultivating Youthfulness As You Age By the Spa Doctor!

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Dr Trevor Cates had issue as a youth that lead her from Doctor to Doctor trying to overcome health issues. From this she was inspired to look toward the future and help others with the problems she once encountered.

If we restore our health from the inside it will affect our outward appearance.

We talk about the micro biome and how important it is for skin care. We talk about what you should be looking for in products you’re using on a regular basis and the potential affects that they could be having on you.

Dr Cates shares a strategy for living a lifestyle that supports positive skin and appreance. It’s a practical look at what we all should be doing and the impact it will not only have on skin health but also overall health.

How do I know if I have a gut issue? We’ll dive in so you can understand where you’re at and if you have issues.

QUICK TIP - Before shaving try using coconut oil. Simple step that will help your skin and eliminate bumps.


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