How To Get From FINE To FAB With Lisa Lieberman Wang

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Our guest today is Lisa Lieberman Wang, an expert in neuro-associative programming (NAP) and the author of international bestseller “FINE to FAB.” Lisa trains entrepreneurs in wellness, leadership, sales and marketing strategies, and specializes in helping people to avoid years of therapy by breaking through whatever is weighing them down.

Lisa’s Journey From FINE To FAB

Lisa explains that she grew up in a dysfunctional family, but was always a perfectionist with a drive to be the best. This proved detrimental to her health, and as a teenager she suffered from ulcers and even a heart attack. And while she was a high achiever who appeared fine on outside, she was constantly returning to the hospital – her pattern was to succeed and then crash, and getting sick was her way of dealing with stress.

Finally, a friend introduced Lisa to Tony Robbins and he changed her life. She immersed herself in personal development and finally realized there was nothing wrong with her, but that she had been trying to fit into a mold to meet other peoples’ expectations.

It’s human psychology to believe that we won’t be loved if we aren’t enough, and that we’re all looking to be something someone else told us to be.

Lisa was inspired to write her book to help people go from FINE (effed up, insecure, neurotic and emotional) to FAB (fabulous, awesome and beautiful).


Top Strategies for Achieving FAB

Lisa shares the following key concepts and tips for reprogramming both the subconscious and unconscious mind to achieve positive change:

  • The first step is to love yourself unconditionally. Think of your unconscious mind as your SHIP (strategies, habits, impulses and physiological controls), which will believe anything you tell it is true. Your conscious mind is your WAR (willpower, analytical side and rational side). When you wage war on your unconscious, you end up in dis-ease with yourself, so you need to start by reprogramming that unconscious mind. Limiting beliefs about who we are and what we’re capable of are part of our SHIP, which we need to transform through questioning.
  • Make a decision to put an end to any other option. Note that most people just accept the default mindset they were raised with, but you can upgrade to a new operating system.
  • Stop waiting for perfection. Get out of the “I’ll start when” mindset and allow yourself to get started right away by taking plenty of imperfect action.
  • Keep in mind that one size doesn’t fit all. A lot of things are contextual, and an approach you use with people at work may not work at home.
  • Acknowledge the fear and doubt. Awareness is critically important to understanding your patterns and making a change.
  • Remember that it’s about the journey, not the destination. Most high achievers only focus on the destination, but we need to celebrate all of the baby steps along the way.


Do something different even if it means getting up on the other side of the bed or driving to work a different way. Once you get out of your routine, you can start creating new possibilities for yourself.

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