How To Write a Book For Maximum Impact and Income With Angela Lauria

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Today we’re talking to Dr. Angela Lauria, founder and CEO of the Author Incubator. Angela debunks some popular misconceptions about how to write a successful nonfiction book and helps people maximize their ability to get their message of personal growth out to as many people as possible.

Getting Paid To Do What You Love

Dr. Lauria didn’t expect to pursue a career in publishing, but she fell in love with the industry when she got a job during her senior year of college working for New York Times bestselling author David Wise, who turned out to be an amazing mentor. She learned everything she possibly could working for him, taking on tons of work as a researcher, ghost writer, interviewer and fact checker.

Angela’s plan was to complete her PhD and become a philosophy professor, but what she didn’t realize was that, while she thought she was just working to pay the bills, she was actually building up her 10,000 hours to become an expert at what would become her true calling.

After Angela did eventually get a teaching job, it turned out that she hated it, so she read every self help book on the planet. Martha Beck’s book Finding Your Own North Star led her to ask herself “what do I lose track of time doing?” That’s when Angela realized she wanted to help superhumans get their message out there by writing successful personal growth books. Now Angela gets paid to read personal growth books all day long, which is exactly what she loves to do.

Angela has ghostwritten countless books, but her passion project is her own book detailing the process of 10 Steps To Writing a Book That Makes a Difference.

Listeners are invited to get the book for free by emailing Angela at [email protected]

Top Tips For Writing a Book That Makes a Difference

  1. Instead of deciding what to write about based on what you already know, ask yourself “what does my reader need to hear?” Get really clear on who you want to help and how that person would describe their problem. Everything comes from that.
  2. Look at your book as a strategic investment. Decide on exactly how much money you want to make and then write the book that will generate that outcome. You should figure this out before you even pick the topic.
  3. Don’t worry about writing the perfect book. Instead, figure out how to finish the book and get it out there as soon as possible…and then write more books. Set your sights on finishing the book by a certain date no more than 90 days in the future.

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