How To Achieve an Effortless Daily State of Flow

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Today we’re talking to Justin Faerman, a visionary change agent, healer and entrepreneur dedicated to evolving global consciousness. Justin specializes in translating abstract spiritual ideas into actionable techniques in order to create a fulfilling life. He’s known for his pioneering work on the subject of flow, and today shares his insights into how to access flow on a regular basis to enhance creativity, productivity and enjoyment of life.

Justin sees entrepreneurship as a way to contribute value in society and also be profitable. His latest project is Conscious Lifestyle magazine, which aims to shift consciousness and have a major impact on the planet by helping people achieve change from the inside out.

A Fully Integrated Approach to Flow State

Justin explains that he approaches and teaches the concept of flow a little bit differently. While many experts on the subject focus on achieving an intense state of peak performance, Justin treats flow as an integrated approach to daily life. His focus is on bringing your entire life into a spiritual way of living wherein you’re able to effortlessly fulfill your purpose.

Two principles of flow:

Decision-making tools: These provide intuitive guidance for what decision and action to take in any given moment. It’s the decisions and actions that we take every day that create the outcomes in our lives.

Removal of limiting beliefs: Go deep inside yourself and remove everything that is blocking you from living in flow already. We need to address these unconscious programs in order to open ourselves to infinite possibility.

Identify and Overcome Limiting Beliefs

One very common limiting belief is that “I am separate.” On a deep unconscious level, this keeps us from authentically connecting with people and forming deeper relationships.

To identify limiting beliefs, look at your negative patterns in life, such as deals that always fall through at the last minute, or having the same fight over and over with your partner. These patterns are usually caused by limiting beliefs, which cause us to take self-sabotaging actions.

Eliminate these beliefs by doing the following:

  • Journal daily to get in touch with the dialogue in your mind.
  • Ask yourself specific questions about the negative thoughts you’re having, e.g. “what must I believe is true about having this thought?” or “what am I making this mean about myself?”
  • Once you identify those beliefs, make a conscious decision to change your mind about them.


When you become clear on what your limiting beliefs are and work to overcome them, you are able to really create transformation and life becomes amazing.

Top Four Flow Decision-Making Tools:


#1 -Follow your highest excitement and inspiration in every moment.

Ask yourself “What do I most want to be doing right now?” And then go do that.

#2 - Follow your intuition in every moment.

When you tap into intuition, excitement and inspiration, you’re tapping into your own supercomputer, allowing you to operate from the perspective of infinite possibility. 

#3 - Be open to any possibility in any moment.

This creates opportunities that you may have cut yourself off from otherwise. You have to let go of all the strategy and planning up front. Instead, let inspiration and intuition guide you toward what you need to do, and then use strategy to implement it afterward. 

#4 - Trust the wisdom of life in every moment.

Fighting life’s circumstances can deny us the wisdom that may be there for us on a deeper level.

Justin’s Daily High Performance Flow Hacks:

  •  Rely on intuition up front and strategy afterwards. Ask yourself: What should I be intuitively be working on right now?” By checking into this “intuitive self”, you can stay in flow longer. As a result, everything that needs to get done does, but at the right time.
  • How you perform is only as good as you feel inside, so take care of yourself physically every day: do yoga, meditate, eat organic foods, drink green juice, get out in the sun and fresh air.
  • Top Tech Hack: Set up the Bell of Mindfulness in Chrome to ring every 5 to 10 minutes and remind you to breathe, become aware of your posture and get more centered, focused and aware throughout the day.

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