High Performance Secrets for Entrepreneurs That Want To Hack Habit Transformation

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Welcome to Superhuman Entrepreneur with Dr. Isaac Jones. Watch as his interview Travis Dommert, President of IRUNURUN, he is also an expert in behavioral change and how technology is used to maximize performance not only in the work place but throughout your life as well. There is so much information to learn from Travis, there is a Part 2 to this video.

Five Factors That are Essential in Transforming Your Habits and Creating Long Term Growth in Order to Maximize Your Performance!

Usually when want to develop High Performance within the workplace habits aren’t part of the conversation, usually we are focused on goals or tasks lists. But habits are a large part of how effective your productivity, we are what we repeatedly do.

‘What needs to get started and stay alive? What needs to be consistently done?’

Habits are easier to create when you are doing something pleasurable rather than something that helps improve your potential, which are usually hard habits to create. We should ask ourselves what we can do to improve our performance. To form a habit we need to do something on a continuous bases, with conscious triggers, a thought out routine and rewards.

There is not a definite amount of days before your activities become a habit, it depends on what habit you are trying to form, who you are, and your environment to determine how long it will take for habit creation. To determine how long this may take, use the Automaticity technique. Automaticity, in a general sense, is how automatic is it for you to perform a certain activity. Automaticity is designed to measure how many days it takes before an activity becomes a habit and how hard is it for you to do this activity. The automaticity scale goes from 0 to 42, from almost impossible to super easy no-brainer to almost unconsciously. To completely make something a habit you should use this technique in full, do not stop when is become a part of your routine, only stop when it becomes a habit!

It takes a lot more reinforcement than we ever thought to understand how habits work in the workplace, so a study was performed in military and sports environments, with Pro and Olympic athletes, Special Forces, and Elite fighter pilots. Studies reported that they do things that are harder than most things that we do every single day. Ultimately this is due to them working differently, in a different kind of environment than most of us do. Based on the research from this study, Five Factors to Maximize your Production was created! You will get tremendous value from adding these Five Factors to your life, they were created based on Hard Charging High Performers!!

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Actions Speak Louder Than Goals

There is a big a chasm between knowing and doing and to get across a chasm. In many cases you can hop over that chasm from knowing to doing with just motivation and will power but when you go from ‘doing’ to ‘consistently doing’ habit creation, it is no longer a chasm it turns into the Grand Canyon. Which may be a bit overwhelming but these Five Factors can change that mountain into a mole hill!

1. Clarity – The number one thing you must have in order to become consistent with the new behavior is crystal clear clarity. That means knowing exactly what you want to accomplish, have specific, measurable, actionable, realistic goals, then figure out how you are going to do it.

2. Rhythm – When are you doing these things? Do you know when they are going to get done? Time blocking is one killer tactic for beginning to do something consistently. Use your calendar to reinforce when these things get done. Don’t just schedule your meetings but also schedule your activities. Studies show if you schedule a behavior it is between 90%-300% more likely to happen. Develop a High Performance rhythm and make it sustainable.

Rhythms with athletes and soldiers have to do with how they consciously intentionally stress and recover, similar to building muscle. To effectively build your schedule you should be conscious of the things that are going wear you out but will increase your performance, put those things in a high priority category to make sure you incorporate these things in your day. Studies have shown that High Performers should maintain you optimal focus on something for 90 minutes a day, anything longer with potentially burn you out.

How to compose a High Performance Day? Week? Quarter?

‘We suggest go hard for 12 weeks take one week off and not like a vacation but take a week off from your normal habits and routines in use that week to celebrate investigate recover explore and then recommit.”

The key thing is to figure out your most productive time of the day, for most people that’s the morning, which is defined as your golden period for massive production. Begin with a warm-up routine just like an athlete would.

‘It’s not really about creating eight or twelve hours of huge production, it’s about taking their two or three most powerful hours a day and making those really effective. Those who try to schedule more than four hours a day of intentional behavior often to find that their schedule gets completely blown up, you still have to be responsive.’

High Performers should incorporate three impactful things into their days to increase productivity.

1. Quiet Time
2. Fitness
3. Planning

1 + 2+ 3 = very powerful trio!

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