Entrepreneur & Fitness Expert Reveals Best Practice To Rejuvenate Your Body!

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Dr. Jones interviews Dan Go, one North America’s Top fitness Guru. He has such an unbelievable knowledge about fitness, dynamic stretching and other strategies to maximize high performers’ health, flexibility and vitality.

All high performers have at least one thing in common, to live a long, active lifestyle. If we intend to be active for a significant portion of our lives, we have to understand that there is a recovery process and maintenance process to maintain our bodies at a peak physical level. Some individuals succumb to the belief that their health will decrease once they get older. You do not have to accept this at all! You can still maintain the same type of athletic performance. You can even become an even better athlete if you maintain the stuff you have to do to make your body perform at a higher level. You can achieve this essentially with Dynamic Stretching and Self Myofascial Release (SMR). Two powerful and essential strategies that a lot of high performance individuals are not aware of, many engage in exercise but they completely forget about regenerative strategies that are very important to high performance and longevity.

Dynamic Stretches will lead you to Optimal Health!

Dynamic stretches are specific stretches that are geared towards entrepreneurs and high performers, it targets all major areas within the body.
Dynamic stretches are stretches done in short bursts that you hold for about 2-3 seconds at a time. For example, if you are performing a chest stretch, hold your arm out to side and bend away from your body, hold this stretch for 2 seconds and then bring your arm back in and repeat.

When perform dynamic stretches your flexibility will increase with each time. These stretches should be performed prior to your workout and at any time you are involved in an activity.

How can Self Myofascial Release cease chronic pain?

Self Myofascial Release is used to relax contracted muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation. SMR is more to heal old injuries and to prevent old injuries from happening. You are basically giving your fascia tissues a massage.
*Fascia tissue is a sheath of fiber that surrounds the muscles, people with a sedentary lifestyle or those who have prior injuries, the fascia gets clumpy and damaged which creates chronic pain and immobility.
To perform SMR you use a foam roller, a lacrosse ball or tennis ball. With some pressure roll the ball over your body and try to find where the pain is coming from, spend about 10-15 seconds over each muscle, and once you find a trigger point just hold it there for 30 seconds, breathe and just relax. If doing prior to workout do not stay on it too long because it is down regulatory. If doing after workout, you will do this technique a little longer to real help your muscles. Should be done in your free time and prior to your workouts.

When individuals have chronic injuries or suffer from chronic pain, even though it may be associated with your joints or muscles, a lot of it comes from having damaged fascia around your muscles. Many people have an acquired an injury in their lifetime, and all the blood in your body rushes to the specific area, and when it heals fascia tissue dysfunction is still there and we do not realize this. We have to make sure we smooth out this tissue so the muscle can work properly and efficiently. Chronic pain relief results from this technique, the injuries you had before will subside.

High Performers to Superhuman to Beyond!

Both of these techniques are preventative and very proactive in terms or keeping your body in the high performing and sustaining environment as possible. These techniques take as little as 6 minutes, and they are very simple to complete. It doesn’t take that long but you do have to have concentration to perform. The techniques are counter intuitive to what everyone else is doing in the gym. Upon entering the gym you may see people jumping on the treadmill as a warm up or people stretching for 30 minutes, but those activities are actually counterproductive to what they want to achieve in the gym and could possibly lead to more injuries. When we work out we do not realize that we are causing stress to our bodies, even though we are making our bodies stronger, we are also tearing our bodies down. We have to listen to our bodies, this is very important. After implementing these strategies you will feel the difference immediately.

Benefits for combining dynamic stretching and SMR:
1. Increase in strength
2. Injury prevention
3. Increase speed and power
4. Increase your vertical jump

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Strategies to become a Superhuman and live in Optimal Health

• Perform effective techniques necessary to keep ourselves at our Peak Performance Level.
• Do not accept the fact that your performance level will decrease with age, just make sure you are keeping your bodies at that level.
• Result will be instantaneous but continue to perform these techniques. Do not stop, continue make it a part of your workout.
• Do not worry if you are working out in the gym and no one else is doing the exercises that you are, adopt these exercise and your body will love you for it.
• Take the time to do it efficiently and not be lazy. Do not get comfortable and skip a day.
• As a high performer when you address the fascia and do dynamic stretching you will become a better athlete, prevent injury, increase stamina, strength and power.

All you need is 6 minutes and transformations are almost instantaneous!

Dan Go shares the story of his 60 year old client, John Woodman that has benefited tremendously from these strategies. Up until 30, he was an avid marathon runner but he had to stop at because he developed sever knee issues. As a result he gained a lot of weight and adapted into a sedentary lifestyle. Now, after starting dynamic stretching and SMR, he is now running 10 miles a day and training to enter in a marathon! Because he took the time to use these regenerative strategies he is functioning at an optimal level and 60!

To find out more about dynamic stretching, SMR and Dan Go…

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