DAWNCHERÉ WILKERSON Explains How She Manages To Radiate Such Joy While Working So Hard As A Church Co-Founder And Reality TV STAR

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Today’s guest is DawnCheré Wilkerson, who recently started VOUS Church in Miami with her husband Rich Wilkerson Jr. DawnCheré manages to radiate joy and positive energy despite juggling the demands of starting a new faith organization and co-starring with her husband in the reality tv show “Rich in Faith” on the Oxygen Network. She attributes her success to creating a culture of honor, both in her marriage and in her ministry, and shares some of her tips for choosing joy in life.


Setting the Stage for Long-Term Success

When asked how she sets her marriage up for a win, even as she and Rich face their issues in the public eye on their TV show, DawnCheré points out that the person you marry can be either your greatest asset or your greatest liability and stresses the importance of showing support for your partner every day.

DawnCheré and Rich were inspired at a young age to pursue faith in action when they become involved with Rich’s parents’ youth ministry. As a young couple, she and Rich made a strategic decision to stay and work with that organization for five years.

They saw this as a season for preparing themselves for their own path in life and adhered to the following principles:
1) Any journey is a process that takes time, and no one achieves his/her dreams right away and 2) You must put all of your passion into what’s in front of you at that moment.

As a person of profound faith and a natural born creative, DawnCheré has an arsenal of tools for maintaining energy and overcoming challenges.

8 Tips for Maintaining Joy In Success

  • Create a culture of honor - Encouragement goes a long way toward taking the burden off of people’s shoulders.
  • Do the things that only you can do - Don’t try to take charge of everything, allow your team to handle other tasks so that you can focus on what you’re best at.
  • Don’t be concerned with being perfect - Worrying too much about what others think prevents you from taking the risks necessary for moving forward.
  • Don’t allow fear to control you - Leaders have to take control of their emotions, so don’t let fear of the unknown distract you from your mission.
  • Spend time with people who refresh you - Even when life gets busy or you’re far away from each other, invest in maintaining positive relationships.
  • Keep focus on what you’re building - When faced with negative feedback, don’t get sucked into the conversation because this robs you of time, which is your most precious gift.
  • Be yourself - Continue to grow and refine your skills, but don’t try to emulate anyone else because this will make you come across as a less authentic speaker.
  • Stop multitasking - In order to enter a “flow state” and become inspired and productive, you need to focus on just one thing at a time.

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