Gregg Clunis - Tiny Steps & Embracing The Grind Creates Rock Solid Personal Growth

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Our guest today is Gregg Clunis, who recently started the immensely popular podcast “Tiny Leaps, Big Changes.” Gregg talks about his unique brand of habit transformation science, which is rooted in making tiny changes every day toward achieving your goals.

Gregg’s podcast was born out of frustration with the current state of the personal development industry, which often encourages people to follow their passion without talking about the long grind that comes with that journey. Gregg’s personal journey to success has been a six to eight year process, including 12 to 15 hour workdays for the last 12 months. Gregg wants to illuminate that grind, which is key to achieving your dreams.

The Three “Tiny Steps” to Achieving Optimum Performance

Gregg emphasizes that just getting started with positive life changes is often the greatest barrier to achieving your goals. For example, if you want to start eating better, don’t begin by overhauling your whole diet, but rather, incorporate one healthy food a day. If you want to work out more, start by exercising for five minutes a day, and so on.

He breaks down the path to success into the following three-step process:

Step 1: Take a tiny step each day that doesn’t require a ton of effort. This change should be so simple that you feel silly for not doing it. For example if you want to be consistent about flossing, start by flossing one tooth per day. It’s such a small effort, that you’d feel ridiculous if you didn’t do it.
Step 2: Follow through and stay disciplined. This should be manageable because the new step you take each day is so incremental that it doesn’t become overwhelming.
Step 3: After you’ve successfully mastered the new habit, compound on that new behavior to increase your performance. Remember that just a one percent shift can dramatically increase energy, productivity and brain function.


Gregg’s High Performance Hacks

Gregg shares his own high performance hacks that keep him performing at an optimal level on a daily basis.

  • Write down what you’re consuming and whether or not you went to the gym each day. For many people, their eating and exercise habits are almost unconscious. Awareness allows you to make a different choice.
  • Create a set daily routine. Get the most important things done in the morning before anything else. That will free up the ability to think and be conscious for the rest of your day.
  • Be physically active every day. If you put in the effort to be physically fit, you’ll find that you want to eat healthy as well to maintain the level of physical fitness you’ve achieved.
  • If you’re already at a high-performing level, follow the 80/20 rule: Expend your energy on the right things, focusing on your strengths to achieve even more with the time you have.
  • Use the following tools to increase your daily efficiency: Pencil and a journal, Evernote, and the Wunderlist to-do list app.

-To get your message out to the world, start talking to people! If you’re an introvert, find strategies to work around that.

-Develop a meditation practice: Meditation has been scientifically proven to increase gray matter in brain, which allows you to make better decisions.

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