Top Tony Robbins Business Coach Reveals 3 Strategies To Skyrocket Energy & Performance

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Health Secrets to high performance with Gary Rush, Tony Robbins # 1 business coach!

Dr. Isaac Jones interviews one of his Health Participants, Gary Rush, who is one of the top Business coach for Tony Robbins’. He has helped numerous entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners get to unforeseen levels in their businesses, by multiplying their impact and income. As you can imagine, all the stress of his profession had a physiological toll on him, he shares his transformation and the impact Designer Health Centers had on skyrocketing his energy.

A Sneak Peek Inside Designer Health Centers

Gary shares that 6 to 7 years ago he was the typical high performer. He was living a busy lifestyle, worked long hours, and didn’t take much time off. He soon became burnt out from the stress he was putting on his body, he states at this time his energy level was at a 2, on a 1-10 scale.

‘Working with business owners, the difficulty is that everyone comes in with different challenges and there isn’t a cookbook solution, so you have to get into a flow and come up with solutions in that moment.’

‘Flow’ is when things are clicking in your mind and you are getting tasks done in a much quicker time. You are losing track of time effortlessly and you are performing at your highest performance level, once you create a flow it is much easier to enter into your high performance level. When an individual is fatigued it is incredibly hard to get into that flow, and will result in not being able to perform at their optimal level.

Are you performing at Your Optimal Level?

Gary was dealing with the negative effects of his fatigue constantly throughout the day. He took several naps because it was a challenge to get through the day, he simply had lack of endurance.

‘When you are looking to perform at your best it is important to have an increased amount of endurance, it is much easier to complete things or come up with new concepts or ideas, but , if all your resources are devoted towards getting through the day it is hard to be extraordinary.’

Your energy can skyrocket almost immediately!

Gary shares that over the course of 6 -7 years he has worked with six Medical Doctors, two who specialized in aging and vitality, with alternative care practitioners, and tried numerous products to help boost energy. After using all these resources, none of them helped. His energy level remained at a 2.
There are a lot of Doctors in today’s society that are promising an increase in energy and vitality along with the reduction of aging but when they don’t take a holistic approach and don’t give ‘lifestyle steroids’ (lifestyle strategies) that take your energy, vitality, your ability to prevent or reverse disease to the next level then they missed their mark.

‘After working with Dr. Jones, in just 6 short weeks my energy level went from a 6 to an 8. The impact have been incredible!’

Gary shares that Dr. Jones’ program works because he gathers information about his Health Participants and identifies the challenge they are facing he then maps out a very specific plan customized differently for each individual. In the first 6 weeks of working with Dr. Jones, Gary reports that his energy increased from to 2 to a 6! The three most impactful components being the specialized diet, the customized supplements, and the easy to follow program guidelines.

At Designer Health Centers there isn’t a one size fit all approach to health, we specialize in customizable plans specifically catered to you, so if you want to upgrade your energy, productivity & health to superhuman. Click Here to apply for an opportunity to be one of the 5 new Health Participants that Dr. Jones works with each month.

 3 Unique Strategies = Life Changer!

1. Labs and specialized meal plans – Designer Health Centers’ goal is to reduce cellular inflammation which will turn on anti-aging pathways which helps to reverse the disease process, and even prevent disease.

a. We use a specific lab test which shows the different foods that impact an individual negatively which can cause a degradation of the mucosal membrane within your GI tract. If you are sensitive to any foods they are causing inflammatory reactions in the body and drains the energy from you.

b. Specialized meal plans – Our goal is to transform your body into a Fat Burner, where your body uses fat for energy. The fat stores in your body depletes and as a result you become leaner and full of energy.

2. Intermittent fasting – This type of fasting promotes the increase of human growth hormone, which is very beneficial to your health. This is cutting edge new science that increases your performance, increases brain drive, and increases the ability to focus.
3. Burst Training – A variation of circuit training, using a series of high-intensity, short-duration fitness. This type of fitness provides an enormous amount of energy and leads to an anti-aging lifestyle.

These 3 strategies performed together are immensely powerful which will result in you performing at your personal best!
This is very sustainable and addicting lifestyle, after you start performing at your best you won’t want to try anything else. Gary shares that is was easy to adopt this lifestyle because life is more enjoyable.

‘It’s not like you are depriving yourself, you just had to find other alternatives that you enjoy and it all works together! It is about substitutions, and in the end you will have a higher level of learning and knowledge ’

Do you want to experience an upgrade in your energy, productivity & health to superhuman? Click Here to apply for an opportunity to be one of the 5 new Health Participants that Dr. Jones works with each month. Due to Dr. Jones’s busy schedule he can only work with 5 new clients per month.

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