YouTube’s Golden Child, Preston Smiles, Teaches You His Top Influential Speaking Secrets To Turn 1,000’s of Followers Into Millions!

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With his forthcoming book LOVE LOUDER, Preston Smiles is a breath of fresh air in the personal development world. Set to affect millions with his message of love and unity, he’s making a huge impact on youtube and facebook, generating over a millions views in a short amount time with his energetic, bursts of wisdom.

Preston first realized the power of his intuition at the age of 15 when he made a decision not to go out with his friends one night. Every one of those friends ended up being shot over the next couple of weeks.

He realized that the people around him were doing all of the same things they did in LA even though he was now in Pittsburgh - yet the outcome of getting good grades, not littering, cursing etc was different because the environment that was provided for them was different.

Preston’s Dad told him when he was 11yrs old that he has the choice to go right when everyone else around him is going left because he is a leader

Cultivating Awareness

  • Our perspective creates our perception, perception creates our belief, our belief creates our behavior, which creates our experiences, which create our reality, which creates the next perspective.
  • Gratitude Ritual - Stand up, and begin to be thankful for the future, for the past, thank you for science math, for flow and then thanking himself.
  • Which creates the perspective - THERE is a lot to be grateful for.

“I don’t have to know I just have to know, the KNOWER” - Martin Luther King

Without awareness you can’t make a choice - which is everything we have in our life.  You have to stay in tune with your thoughts and body to guide your choices.

Two Questions to Ask yourself before speaking in front of an audience:
Who am I?
What am I here to do?

Small Hinges, Swing Big Doors - The little things you consistently do in your life make the biggest changes.
Movement - Enter the zone, find the wisdom from within your body.
Detachment - Practice letting go of the things you are so attached too.

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