Clayton Ainger - Learn How to Use Your Negativity as a Catalyst to Transform your Life and Business.

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Author of Ego’s Code and CEO of a major consulting firm, Clayton Ainger teaches us how to understand the truth behind your negativity. How to stop the sabotaging of your success by allowing yourself to feel any negativity and work through those feelings rather than ignoring it.

Clayton went from being an accountant for over 10 years, making the jump to start his own business and was immediately faced with debt, divorce and severe weight gain. We’ll cover how he trains businesses from startups to seven figure companies.

As you see the results of your worth than you can charge more.

Steps To Use Your Negativity as a Fuel For Greatness

  • Pay attention to the negative patterns of thoughts, feelings, behaviours, self talk.
  • Rather than stuff them down or ignore them, allow them to come to the surface and show appreciate for them.
  • Notice that the awareness of your negativity can create presence and a clarity of thought, which moved will move you from negativity into a present neutral state – in the here and now.
  • From the here and now – You will then be able to make a conscious choice about your next steps.


Truth (if you aren’t living in truth your in a RUT which is in the center of the word truth)

It’s important to Celebrate YOUR Successes

Awareness Creates Presence brings you into the hear and NOW, Clarity of Thought and Uses the Negativity as a fuel to Bring you into a neutral state from the neutral state you can make a conscious choice about the actions you can take. Puts you into a place of being responsible and action driven.

Your thoughts will shape your experiences that you have everyday, which will shape your personality/character, which will then shape your life. Rely more on WHO YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU DO. You will begin to notice results.
What comes before the thought? Sometimes its negativity and its about embracing that thought. Don’t stop at the negativity, but allow it to be fuel that says, “No, I am going to make a change”

Win Technique

W - Walk & Breath (in a figure eight so that when you cross in the middle it allows both sides of the brain to connect)
I - Intention (want to connect with those that listen to this podcast - embrace the unknown, focusing on the outcome he wants to deliver)
N - Nail It (build confidence and once you do you must celebrate)

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