Mark McIntyre - 7 Steps to Blow Away Your Competitors

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Mark McIntrye is a serial entrepreneur who has started 3 multimillion dollar companies. He is a marketing expert who shares some amazing information to help you better grow and scale your business, whether a fledgling start-up or company looking to really scale.

7 Steps to Blow Away your Competitors

Step 1 - Know who your audience is. You have to get really specific about not only the demographics but also their activity and what they’re doing online.

Specificity is key when looking at your target audience.

Step 2 - Reach out to your audience in every way you can. Utilize as many channels as possible to get in front of your perfect target audience.

Make sure to log your activity so you stay accountable to your goals and make sure you’re taking the right actions.

Step 3 - Always be looking for feedback from customers. It’s not about the product or service you have it’s about what your customers need. Don’t fall in love with your product or service - fall in love with your prospects.

Step 4 - Take responsibility for your customers and continue to listen to them.. It’s incredibly important to keep customers happy and have an on-boarding strategy to engage customers and keep them happy.

Right at the beginning of a relationship you have to find the expectations and ask what tells the customer that they are being served. If you ask your customers they will tell you.

Step 5 - Be looking for opportunities for your customers. You need to find additional opportunities to find value for customers and expand beyond the narrow scope you might have started out as.

Step 6 - Look for ways to systematize your process. As you grow different people will take over different parts of the process, and to scale you need to be able to have other people take over different tasks. Don’t offload different tasks, leverage their time and help them until they fully understand it. Be a resource when staff need help. Don’t make it wrong to ask for help.

Step 7 - Stay engaged as an entrepreneur. No matter how big you grow, stay involved as a visionary leader of your company.

Continue to look at ways to innovate and discover additional ways to deliver more value to your customers.

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