Dallas Cyr - Learn How To Ignite Your Passion and Live Your Purpose

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Speaker, life coach, and spoken word artist Dallas Cyr speaks to us about his unlikely journey from troubled teen to thriving entrepreneur. The Passion Warrior and Adversity to Abundance founder experienced more than his fair share of tough times during his formative years and offers great insight into how changing your attitude towards challenges and focusing on awareness can put you on a path to a fulfilling life.

Dallas’ Story

Dallas grew up in a rough neighborhood of Hartford Connecticut. He shares with us his childhood history, which included economic hardship, substance abuse, and sexual abuse. Adding to the instability at home, his father moved across the country when Dallas was 11 years old. Shortly after graduating high school he was let go from a retail job for stealing and found himself living off of unemployment.

This was a turning point in Dallas’ life. After 10 months on unemployment he created a collage of positive thoughts and words. Within a week, the 19 year old landed a job at an insurance company.

Dallas quickly climbed the corporate ladder and later opted for a career as a financial planner. It was on a luxurious five-star retreat sponsored by his employer that Dallas realized he had achieved his professional goals.

“I went from the most ecstatic feeling to the most empty feeling, just like that.”

Dallas’ “I did it” moment turned out to be his wake up call. After years of hard work he finally had the time to pause, step back, and take an honest look at his life.

He didn’t like what he saw.

It was in the coming years that Dallas then embarked on the part of his journey that led him to finding his passion, pursuing it, and finally leading a fulfilling life.

Reframing Your Perspective to Overcome Challenges

The challenges you face in your life are not roadblocks. They are your roadmap. By viewing a challenge as something that works FOR you rather than AGAINST you, you can then open yourself back up to limitless possibilities no matter how tough your circumstances are.

Once you can tap into this perspective, you can really begin to discover the best possible version of yourself.

Taking Your First Steps Towards Igniting Your Passion

  • Step back away from whatever it is that you’re experiencing and truly become an observer. Go somewhere quiet where you can be alone. Take deep breaths, focus on being present and allow yourself to free-write whatever comes up.
  • Work on obtaining a clear sense of what you are passionate about. These are the beacons of the life that you are meant to live. You will find that things unfold so much more naturally by focusing on your passions.
  • Stop using your family or need for money as an excuse not to move forward in life.

The Difference Between Happiness and Fulfillment

A lot of people confuse happiness with fulfillment or satisfaction. Happy is a moment. It is a result of being fulfilled. If we are fulfilled and satisfied, and we have value, we will experience greater moments of happiness in our life.

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